New white hairs with only a week left into flowering?!?

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    hmmmm I just dont agree man Almost all plants need 8 weeks so why not wait a week or so >? you have waited this long do it right! I cut my plant down in stages cut a limb or two off early and do it over a 2 week period because the top takes alot longer to mature !do what you want playa though thats my ten cents
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    I'm in the same boat as you. I was going to chop mine this past weekend, that was the plan last Monday but instead Wednesday or Thursday of last week they started on this new growth spurt. This is my first grow so I'm just going with looking at the trichomes and come this weekend, it's harvest time. I have three days left to be exactly eight weeks of flowering. I have a good amount of still clear trichomes with a good amount of milky. I have noticed a very few amber trichomes on one plant, so this weekend it is.

    I would rather sacrifice a few grams of weight rather than quality.

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    Those look full of seeds already, have they been pollinated?

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    bottled water? that doesn't mean the pH is good. you will have a low ppm which is good, but most bottled spring water etc etc has a pH between 7.0-7.5...mary jane as well as most plants enjoy a slightly more acidic water at around 5.6. rain water is right around 5.6 as well.
    Lip G.

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    Lip G.

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    I have been experiencing the exact same matter - three days ago I was in mid week six flower (had an extra long veg due to fungas gnats eating up her roots .. so the veg was 5 months) I was afraid that the plant's internal life system might kick her regardless of what I did.

    Upon extensive reading I have found that the flowering process takes place in three stages ... you apprear to be still in early flower between stages 1 & 2 regardless of her age.

    In my case, the resin production and white hair (tric's I believe they are) explosion is a clear indication that my Monster Bloom is kicking in big time. I went organic till this stage and BOY am I glad I did .. a complete world of difference.

    Consulting an expert who sells me supplies - I have been advised to give her an extension beyond the seed breeders flowring time lines they provide - they are only general time lines.

    New white hairs (trics - some one please correct me if I'm wrong) are indicating entering the final weeks of flowering .... I will give mine (Black Indica) another week or two of flowering nutes - flush - cut the ripe buds (colas are pinned down sidways for canapy exposure - all the buds get the same light)

    As I am seeing the resin produtction just starting to go into high gear .. I know now that I want to wait to cut her ...

    Again, a few weeks from now, and I'll be good to go.

    Boost your p-k with a flower booster and watch the snow fall .. you'll know for sure that you made the right decision to wait.

    I was peaking out too because in week six of flower - all the trics were amber and the plant is NOWHERE near ready to cut down.

    (this is my first grow with pro quality lights and nutes. - two other hack micro grows - this is my third and a single plant - expecting 100gms I hope.)


    P.S. I see this was seven years ago .. BAAA HAHAHA hope someone reads this and either corrects me, or tells me I'm on the right path.

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    If in doubt to cut, look at the trichomes. You want mostly milky, some clear and some amber.
    Lip G.

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    I keep hearing "patients, patience PATIENTS" aparently indicas can be late bloomers ...

    All the same plant - different lights - entering week 7

    boedhaspeaks do you think I should chop her? (again, she had a fractured childhood - and I'm ready to give her a few more weeks - perhaps "perpetural harvest")
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    The proper name is "Pistils"
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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    With out 60-100x scope to look at the heads changing color, your only guessing.
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    buy a jewelers loupe off of amazon for 10 bucks, they usually have dual powered ones, a small lens thats 100X and a larger one thats 60X,
    i try to wait till i see little to no clears, some people like to wait till they see a good percentage of amber, but i find that as long as nearly all of the clears have gone milky, its plenty potent, and the ripening process continues for the first couple of days of drying, so if i saw a few clears when i harvested, they'll be gone by the time its ready to jar.
    if i wait til i start to see a lot of amber, it tends to put me to sleep
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    I think someone else said something along these lines already. Being that it's a plant in general and it's main goal is survival and reproduction. So therefore I would say if all your pistils turned red and then it spit out some more white pistils, this is an attempt for reproduction instead of just withering away and dying off the plant is trying to put out new pistils to catch a nut/pollen. But from looking at those pictures it looks like you are still at least two weeks from harvest. maybe a week. Good looking plants but that is a ton of white pistils not just a few here and there you have them all over i'd wait.

    Oh and another indicator that they are not fully mature yet is some of those pistils are standing at attention like a hard dick on a porno set. Cheers mother fuckers.
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    Illuminati85 Well-Known Member

    From my research 7 weeks is only about 3/4 finished with most strains. Anything that finishes between 7-9 weeks is considered a fast flowering plant. From the looks of it you need another 3 weeks, looks like a November harvest to me.
    Lip G.

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    Good reassirance Thank you Iluminatti!! As long as she keeps getting crustier, I won't complain .. but I'm being talked down from a few weeks to a couple ... and that's good for me to consider .. she's over her initial BUST OUT from her first feeding of Monster Bloom ... I hope she grows ome more but if she stops I need to pull some, as you said ... I'll giver a few more smaller feeds every second day, flush her and take down whats done then.

    My last harvests I took down on Christmas Day .. Maybe some will be ready for a Halloween sacrafice.

    I DO know it's gunna be good from the little pre-Lim taste I had .. next one will be a mother load I hope .. these are good seeds, I believe. They keep selling out.
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    Lip G.

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    WOW have I lost track of time .... that micro grow with one Black Indica, surviving fungas gnats and spider mites ... got about 35 gms ... and it's decent ... I am now in week six of flower of my second one, and I'm about to be really ambitioius with my precitions .. three to four oz's .. seriously .... guys I'll come back again .. but Iluminati you were so correct that I'd get a harvest .. as a prescribed med patient I do have to say .. this strain isn't one that will knock over a chronic power hitter ... it's a milder, more enjoyable smoking experience ... the subtleties with the build of cbd at approx three percent .. this is a weed you can roll up a fattie and smoke the whole thing throughout the night ... doesn't level you, kills pain, relaxes and elevates mood into comedy apreciation .. in a subtle way .. the taste is beatuful that of a kush ... like hash or lavander.

    My second plant practically grew herself .. and will start her flush in three weeks ... tty then ...

    I'll outline the entire two grows then.

    Auggie Dog

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    Do these look ready?

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    Rakin Well-Known Member

    7weeks? From first flower or flip? Imo 7week strains are more like 8 or 9 for me. Fwiw I had a landrace sativa once that would never seem to turn amber and always keep green growing new white hairs. I took it 16-17 weeks at times. I just had to decide when to flush and chop but ultimately for that plant I would pretty much wait until most the fans fell off and sugar leaf draw up.

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    I do see amber in your pic, but I bet under a loop you’ll still see a lot of clear .
    The pistils (hairs) are straight up n white
    She’s still growing
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

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    Auggie Dog

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    Thanks guys, I was kind of confused when I seen those amber trichomes myself. Lol. It’s been 53 days since they went into flower about 60 since I switch the lights over to 12/12.

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