New to this site and just tech but loving med mary ew


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Hello my name is George Iam a very old head new to this site and to legal mary i was always used to the wrong side of the law when it came to smoking but its all i enjoy and its my medicine so now since last month i can do it legally only thing thats a laugh is that they want to charge crazy prices to us patients we all will be able to afford it soon cause they wont be able to tax or control the street happy vaping iam working on some active rosin Gods plan anoit 87 thc so some say closer to 90 95 it blows sugar wax or resin out of the water its like the coke vs pepsi challenge try it and you will taste and feel the difference


Welcome George, always glad to see new PA patients checking in. I agree that the limited number of dispensaries have had a big influence on prices. I think the prices will really begin to drop once more PA growers become established and this system settles in. Until that time comes, I'm pinchin' every gram...waste not want not, eh?