New to Super Soils, How to cook soil in Winter?

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    HDPursuit Well-Known Member

    Hey Rollitup ;) just got thru my first small batch of Super Soil 12lb batch. It's now the middle if winter here in the Ozarks and how in the hell do I cook the soil in the sun (no sun) and 20 degree weather??

    what is really needed to cook a batch, sun ?? heat??

    Thanks again Rollitup, wouldnt have made it this far without ya ;)

    NugHeuser Well-Known Member

    I'm curious as well.

    HDPursuit Well-Known Member

    Well thinking about this I am assuming you need the heat to cook the soil,

    I mix in a very large tote 35gl (?) and I have a large plant seedling mat that is 12"x24" my thought is lpace the mat under the tote and see if there is enough heat to get it going.

    Thoughts Anyone ??

    JavaCo Well-Known Member

    Cooking soil is slang for composting it. The billions and billions of microbes are what " cook the soil " so to speak by eating the amendments and pooing them out to make them more soluble for the plants. They do generate their own heat compost pile in the winter melt right away and create steam. Small batches the Cold might slow them down but you can take your tote inside where it is warm if you have the space and don't care about the stink.
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    HDPursuit Well-Known Member

    TY JavaCo, figured it needed some heat to get rolling. Going to have it inside with the plant mat and see how goes, Many
    Happy Girls to Ya ;)
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    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    Yup... you nailed it bruh.... but isn’t it amazing how literal we as growers (majority of us are beyond average intelligence too) take simple instructions way to literal though before we’re certain about methods, lol.... by no means am I a master at the craft of soil making but the best way to learn organic soil methods and recipes is via someone else dialed recipes like subs SS.... as mentioned outdoors below 55-60 even will probably slow the process down and make it take longer than the suggested time... but you definitely wanna see the soil heating up.... give it a seriously good mix when you initially mix it, if you think you didn’t do it good enough try to give it another mixing before the end of the first week of cooking/composting...

    but no more churning the soil after that... it needs to do its thing creating the microherds etc...without being mixed up any further.... a trash can with a layer of nice coir or your favorite coco medium on top of the soil after mixing and moistening it....cover up the soil n keep the moisture in.... you want it wet but not like your watering a trash can to complete saturation like a plant in soil would need at watering time....

    I’ve tried multiple organic recipes, vegan soil recipes, I recently got my PhD when I ran a hydro grow and mastered it before I ran outta financing on an op.... out of all the methods I’ve tried.... supersoil when done right, is the easiest/least work aside from mixing all that soil and slightly larger containers and plants for comparable yields to anything far as fully organic soil method, tasty tasty buds, and awesome yields as long as your realistic with veg periods and pot sizes....when you can make the plants fade/run out of food in the last week or 2 eventually based on concentrate amount you apply is when your nailing it.... I’ve done flood and drainhydro but other than speed In veg and sometimes faster flowering times.... I’m going back to my organic SS roots... i think hydro has its places like cloning and moms but organic flowered/grown herb is amazing....

    Sorry fellas I’m nervous rambling cuz my dad had a heart attack tonight n I’m nervous typing....

    Hope i provided some usable info....

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