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    KlosetKush Active Member

    So as the caption said, im new to leds, and would like to know whats the best quality out there.
    Now before y'll start linking 1200-1500$ light my budget is about 120-150$ if it can't be done with quality in that amount, let me know so i can save my money and headaches and move on to other things and invest in my garden else where

    My box is 1.5x2x4ft with a terrabloom 6 inch inline booster fan.
    I live in the south and obviously it's not legal. I need my medicine just like you all do so any and all help is appreciated and well noted.

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    mista sativa

    mista sativa Well-Known Member

    mista sativa

    mista sativa Well-Known Member

    I didn’t have a lot of cash for lights neither. This is the cheapest, best reviewed lights I could find. Best bang for the buck. I have 2 of them in my 5x6 closet. I haven’t flowered yet, but for veg they are killing it. They run kind of warm for LED’s but not too bad if you have a in-line fan. They are only pulling like 200w from the wall, but they are compared to a 400w hps.
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    Johnny Lawrence

    Johnny Lawrence Well-Known Member


    They aren't equivalent to a 400 watt light - they are quivalent to the 185 that they actually pull.

    Sidenote: I've seen some fascinating marketing techniques from LED companies over the years, but I think this one is new. They call the light a "1000 watt", but state that it's actually equivalent to a 400 watt, but it actually only draws 185 watts. That's some serious twisting.

    OP - Save another hundred or two and get a legit light. With the low ceilings you're dealing with, I'd lean towards a PCB(quantum board)
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    Victor6634 Well-Known Member

    DIY is definitely out since a driver would burn up 3/4 of your budget. I would look at prebuilt cheap leds even then coverage might be an issue for that budget. I would keep saving and then buy an led hell your half way there now

    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    mista sativa

    mista sativa Well-Known Member

    I don’t work for their company bro. They didn’t state it was equivalent to a 400, the reviewers did. Why are you so mad bro? The man said his budget was $150 max. You recommended a $350 light. I’m not great at math, but I’m sure that’s over. Why don’t you be helpful and actually help the guy out instead of just talking shit. No shit a more expensive light is going to produce better results captain obvious. So what are your recommendations under $150? I’ll wait. I’m sure the quality won’t be any better than what I recommended
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    Johnny Lawrence

    Johnny Lawrence Well-Known Member

    I never said you did, bro.

    You're right. They say their 185 watt light is equivalent to a 1000, which is so much better.

    I'm not mad. I'm stating facts. I don't know how you got the two twisted.

    Yeah, which is why I suggested he save another couple hundred bucks. That's not out of the realm of being possible. Or he can buy the light you suggested(one you haven't even flowered with yet but are recommending anyway), realize a few months from now that it's inefficient, and then spend the money to get a legit light.

    That's what I'm doing. And here you are arguing with me about it.

    Strips and drivers. Or a couple of Sunboards. Shit, even though it's currently sold out(they sell out quick for a reason), the 135w QB kit from HLG would crush those King Plus lights. But yeah, it's $185 and there is no way the op could scrape that extra cash together.
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    KlosetKush Active Member

    185$ isn't completey out of the question I'm just no good with QBs and all that souldering and stuff, never done it before:bigjoint:
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    budman111 Well-Known Member

    Like advised, get a DIY COB LED kit for sure

    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    It's a solder free kit man. I built it with nothing but a screw driver and a wire stripper.
    mista sativa

    mista sativa Well-Known Member

    @johnnylawerence I looked at your post. You’re just a troll. The only thing you contribute is to tell people their LEDs aren’t what they are advertised. I’m not going to go back and forth with you. You’re right to an extent, but you didn’t have to come across offensively.

    @KlosetKush whether or not you want to wait to get enough cash for a proper LED is up to you. The one I recommended is a cheap produced Chinese LED. It only pulls 185w. The reason it’s compared to 400w hps is because it’s easier to pull more grams per wattage with a LED. HPS average is around .5. LED’s closer to a full gram per watt. The difference comes from the spectrum. 185 grams for your space isn’t bad at all. You could actually grab three of those for the one he recommended. Some people around here just act snobbish, these lights will do fine until you can replace them with higher quality lights. They are worth the $100. There are plenty of reviews out there... I personally couldn’t have spent much more than I did, and I wasn’t going to wait to grow.
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    durbanblue Well-Known Member


    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    In addition, HLG has a video on how to assemble it right on their website. It took me 15 or 20 minutes to put mine together.
    Johnny Lawrence

    Johnny Lawrence Well-Known Member

    It's really close to being plug and play. Super easy to assemble.
    Johnny Lawrence

    Johnny Lawrence Well-Known Member

    I'm a troll for offering good advice on an LED? Guess what? Lick my balls.

    The light you suggested is shit. I commented on why it's shit(the light, not you), but for whatever reason, you decided to take it personal. Perhaps you do work for the company? I'm joking of course - I highly doubt you do, but why would you take my negative critique of their light so personally???

    Read my first post over again and help me out by pointing out the parts of it that you found personally offensive. I'm not talking about my critique of the light, I'm talking about whatever got your feelers so hurt.
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    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    No offense, you seem like a nice person, but this mindset is the reason the majority of first time growers have failures and give up. If you can't be bothered to wait until you are ready to do something to the best of your ability you can expect disappointing results. Growing high quality cannabis requires some dedication, willingness to learn, and a lot of patience. If someone chooses to buy a crappy light because waiting until they can save an extra 80 or 100 bucks is too much to ask, they've already demonstrated that they are impatient and lack foresight.
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    Johnny Lawrence

    Johnny Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Just stop. Seriously. It's like you're attempting to be funny at this point.

    The lights you bought are equivalent to 185 watts. It's maybe(MAYBE) equivalent to a 250 watt HPS. It's not twice as efficient as an HPS like you're suggesting. Blurple panels are roughly equivalent(a few exceptions like the SS lights from CLW) to their HID counterparts. that's a fact. Shit, even high end cobs and PCBs are only 30 to 40 % more efficient than HID.

    Those beans that King Plus is selling - they must be magic.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    They have been doing it with audio for ages... PMPO Watts, lol. yeah right.
    mista sativa

    mista sativa Well-Known Member

    Smh... this light will grow plants. Read the reviews. There are levels to this shit. You’re right. Ideally every grower should start out with the best most expensive, top of the line equipment. That’s not realistic though. For that space, it’s not bad to start out with a cheap light. He’s not planning on becoming a commercial grower.

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