New to Las Cruces (and just got my card!)

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    Lol. Okay, so I just moved to NM recently from GA....wait an entire month to get my medical card and a list of providers....and here I sit-STILL without meds. :( Most of the providers don't even have physical addresses, just a PO box and email and website. Then you gotta pre-register by snail mail since only a couple accept email submissions. How disappointing!!!! Somehow I had visions of receiving my list in the mail and happily tripping off to visit some mysterious and inviting little shop (yeahhhh, I've been to Amsterdam)....not so, much to my sadness. Seems like most of the providers are out of Albuquerque--3 1/2 hours away. Then I've been reading on here that the NM dispensaries seem to have sub-quality? Please say it ain't so!! Are there any good places that would be worth the drive in Alb? Any places that DON'T require pre-registration, where you can just drop in and actually see the merch before you buy?? Please help!!!

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    every place requires regristration. most abq places u can register at shop tho. if u dont mind what ailment did u apply under?

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    Compassionate distributors in ruidoso has good pot.

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    High Desert Relief in Albuquerque is pretty good. You can walk in the door with your card and take 5 minutes to fill out the paperwork for them there, and then then let you back to the counter where you can check out the bud. I'm usually pleased with their selection, most times there is at least 5 strains there to choose from, and I've seen up to 10 from them at once. CG Corrigan has had some good bud, but their setup is all different,less friendly, and more expensive, but they do usually have 15-20 strains.
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    Compassionate in ruidoso is awesome! The deliver to lc 2x a month.

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    Hey brother, welcome to New Mexico and the beautiful city of Las Cruces. I hope you have enjoyed the scenery and the snow. Anyhoo, I have been in the program for going on three years, I moved back from Hawaii after separating from the military. I will tell you that MJ espresso has some good shit, but sometimes they run a little short on the weight, Mother earth herbs has improved since I came into the program in 2013. Stay away I mean farrrrrrrrr away from compassionate..... They don't care about patients, they had a lot of cannabis that had bud rot and was planning on selling it cheap or making edibles from it to eat from. That is against the DOH regs and is a health code violation. The owner is only money hungry and could careless about the people they sell their product to. Albuquerque, Santa fe, even Los Lunas all have really good selections and most deliver. As far as I know Grass roots still delivers to the southern part of the state. Im in Cruces as well, so if you ave any questions let me know mang. Shootz!

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    this thread is from 2012.

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    Its still good information to have about that distributor.

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