New law headed for Governor's signature.

Discussion in 'Florida Patients' started by smokin away, Jun 12, 2017.

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    You can tell that the ones writing the law know nothing about cannabis. The ball is rolling now though, and it's going to be hard for them to slow it down. No smoking....really??
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    smokin away

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    From what I've read over the years is the only way to induce appetite is to smoke it. That's why California legalized it for medical use way back years ago. The new law posts three quarters of a Million to Cancer research. Hope they find it true.


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    Because of the 72% in favor vote... And the states disregard of the will of the people.. I dont want anything less than full legalization.. More so i cant understand the logic of the smear compain via news shows regarding gummie bear edibles. Parents should keep their meds locked up.. Duh. But on new years how many of us as kids had some champagne from are parents. Or beer at a cookout? Or the countless mixed drinks or staight scotch drinks on bluebloods. Now picture the kid smoking and tom selleck smoking instead. One seems insane. Drunk kids are passed as cute on special occasions. Hipocracy..

    3.5million people have died in vehicle related deaths from 1899-2013. In the US. I think are very forsale govt needs to address the reel issues. Not respecting the vote in florida for one..

    And the freaking highway holocaust.. The right and left.. Stop pointing fingers of blame and keep both hands on the wheel. We kill more folks then terrorist and illegal immigrants combined.. And we call them accidents. When are they no longer called accidents.. Your job.. Your appointments.. No reason the be selfish and kill to make a scheadule..

    And vote vote vote.. Please. Be well.. Sorry i got worked up. Im upset because i know we can do so much better.. And be so much more..
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