New High Times Suggests Harvesting Earlier...RIU Rejoice!

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by CaptainCAVEMAN, Jan 20, 2011.


    CaptainCAVEMAN Well-Known Member

    New High Times has an article that says Dr. Paul G. Mahlberg has done a study proving that trichromes are most potent when clear-not milky and certainly not amber. Can anyone find this study without spending 3 days reading everything the guy ever wrote?
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    cowasaki Active Member

    sounds to me like someone tryin to get you to smoke some immature bud bro... i would stick with what works milky is the way to go

    CaptainCAVEMAN Well-Known Member

    I certainly wasn't looking for some 'excuse' to harvest early. I got all of that out of my system the first year or so of growing, buying anything that claimed to make it flower faster. I know none of that shit works, but you should see the facility that some guy named 'K' has. Sure looks like he'd know a thing or 2. He's got 2 Twister trim machines...that's $30,000 just in trimmers! Facility is unbeleivable.

    KillaGreenBuds Well-Known Member

    If the guys got an article in High Times i wouldn't just say he's wrong lol, I'd like to see the article though maybe the mans right

    krok Active Member

    I guess he's simply writing what people are beginning to realise. CBD and CBN is not the same, and peak THC is not amber. Peak THC will give couchlock, depending on genetics. Some people are harvesting their Indicas too late, thinking the more amber the better.

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    It's not the more amber the better... We actually know that it's ideal at about 12-15% amber. The unspent trichomes will be producing their top resin levels at this point. You can go ahead and chop when clear, more power to ya.

    krok Active Member

    Why the f*ck should I chop when clear? And no, most people don't know. Maybe not here, but on most forums I read they say chop when 50% amber (which is crap IMHO).

    If the article is about harvesting when clear, then it probably is crap. I've not read it.

    Hogg Active Member

    Finally! someone with some sense..I been lol for years about all these post on here spouting the Amber trichs nonesense. Guess they like that crappy messed up feeling CBN gives you...
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    Serapis Well-Known Member

    If people like the couch lock feel, more power to them. That is their opinion. If it is so crappy as you say, why do growers do it again and again?

    It's up to the grower and their personal preference, and the strain of weed as well. If my stigmas are all still white and the calyxes haven't swelled yet, I don't care what color the trichomes are, it ain't done.

    rocpilefsj Misguided Angel

    I agree with you on the tric subject. People look too much into the trics when they also need to be looking at the buds. I could have chopped alot of plants way too early just by judging based on trics. People also need to realize not everyone smokes weed just to get high, many people use it as medication as well. So for some peoples benefit a couch lock or narcotic high is exactly what they are looking for.
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    dsnutts Active Member

    Bottom line is grow it how YOU like it!
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    woodsmaneh! Well-Known Member

    Well I grow Indica and the people who smoke it like clear to cloudy, which gives you ether couch lock or you eat the fridge. I can never wait 75 to 80 days anyhow. The other thing is the trichromes continue to brake down after you chop. I have always beleived

    Clear = up high active stone can get work done

    milky = couch lock/mad munchies

    amber = garbage, sleepy time


    FarmerJJ Member

    Harvesting earlier(clear to milky trichomes) has been shown to cause psychological problems over a long period of time. Not sure if this effects too many peoples judgment on when or when not to harvest.

    screaminsemen Active Member

    Where exactly has this been shown??

    Hudsonvalley82 Well-Known Member

    JUst harvested a bunch when they were just starting to get cloudy, I tossed them on 48 of dark, the bitches swelled like hell and I cropped yesterday. Quick dried some, and smoked it. Great HIGH not a stone at all. Pain relief, I really didn't notice, I was just feeling too good to care, so I guess that works out. I will be harvesting my weed at that point (to the best of my ability) from here on in. Too many people are obsessed with weight, and let shit get big and heavy (and amber), but give a ho hum stone that can be bought anywhere these days. When you have weed that gets you high as fuck, happy as fuck and active as fuck, people remember that shit and usually go out of their way for it. It sets your crop apart and gives you a bit of bargaining room that can possibly makeup for the loss in weight, as your product can separate itself from the masses.

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    Hudsonvalley82 Well-Known Member

    I would imagine that the isomeric breakdown of remnant carboxylic acids (which I would imagine to be higher if cut early) underlines that although cropping earlier = more THC, a good proper cure is just as important as the early crop. Although, with this logic, CBN is created mainly during the curing process, so under the same token, possibly a shorter cure would bolster such desired outcomes.

    Lets think about this then:

    For an early crop:
    Early crop = more carboxylic acids, about the same THC, and less CBD.

    Cure = Carboxylic turns to THC, existing THC breaks down to CBD and CBN. THC overall level may edge up a bit, but probably ends up holding the line.

    For a Later Crop:
    Later cropping = Less Carboxylic acids, More THC, and a good presence of CBD and compared to the early crop.

    Cure = Less THC is yielded from the Carboxylic acids, and the existing THC breaks down into CBD and CBN.

    So even though you start out with more THC on a later cure, you will probably end up with less THC (as it will not be replenished through the curing process), or a shittier high as the CBN (which will be in higher quantities with the later cure) will block the THC from getting to more of your brain receptors.
    Article makes some sense.

    So I suppose, with this thinking, a later crop should cure for less time to retain THC levels. So fuck the taste. And if you crop early, cure for a normal period of time to have the carboxylic acids fully turn to THC.

    If you are selling however, once you hit a certain quality threshold: weight = money. This maybe a better tip for head stash, or people pin pointing depression.
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    Serapis Well-Known Member

    I agree with you on that, however I harvest my Indicas when about 10-15% of the trich is amber, the stigmas are drying out and changing color AND the calyxes have filled with resin.... Those of you that only look to trich's as your ripening meter are probably harvesting too soon, but you know what? That is OK. It is your weed after all and why should you care what others think?

    You incorrectly tag growers that wait for ripening bud as obsessed with weight. I find your point of view pretty funny, given all of the threads about "Can I chop yet?" Those that wait are patient, we know what we want, regardless of what you think we should want......
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    Hudsonvalley82 Well-Known Member

    Its a plant by plant thing...there is no rule, the plant will tell you when it is time to chop it...I Just see people who keep shit on there until its hermie'd from over-ripening so they can get an extra 1/4 ounce. Yes it makes sense, but just like a steak, sure you can eat a streak that is over cooked (just to be sure its done), but you would rather have one that is prepared properly. At some point your start to sacrifice quality for weight, Im not saying that you do that, but it is common practice it seems.

    Regarding those can I chop yet threads: There are just as many answers that say no don't do it. You will even see people suggesting to wait until you see male flowers.

    Alex Kelly

    Alex Kelly Active Member

    You make good points but I think that it is safe to assume that the potencey of the THC may not be at it's peak levels at the same time that the stigmas are drying out and changing in color. In other words THC potency may be at it's peak levels before the plant is fully ripened or finished. Ergo, you may have better tasting or smelling plants and more weight (which i know you dont care about) but lower levels of THC in the finished product.

    CaptainCAVEMAN Well-Known Member

    100_1721.jpg Caveman thinks this is ready for harvest tomorrow. It is White Berry From Paradise Seeds at day 60 flower.

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