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  1. Ugh!!! I just noticed some bud rot on my plant. I removed the 2 affected buds. Damn this freaking extremely high humidity. Every morning everything is soaking wet. The humidity has been 90+ every night, to the point of having fog in the late night very early morning hours. I am going to try to start bringing her in the shed at night. I would bring her in the house but no way the wife would be OK with that. Weighting my options right now. Do I just go ahead and harvest, losing the last 4 weeks of flowering, but saving her or do I take a chance.
    The 2 weeks straight of mist to rain has caught up with me

    Edited: more like 98+ humidity every night. I her moved into a place that is 76 degrees and 58% humidity. Hoping to be able to do that for a few days. Got rain in the forecast Tuesday then cooler but much dryer air for a few days. I am guessing about a 1 o, after curing, if I went ahead harvest and cured in now. Was hoping for 3+ in another 4 weeks. Decisions, decisions, decisions....
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    What are you growing that still has 3-4 weeks left and where in New England can you harvest in late Novemeber? i have never had anything finish past this time of the year in my area, it is either done by now or it most likely won't finish, good luck hope you get the weather to finish it.

    northeastmarco Well-Known Member

    Exactly, latest I have harvested is Halloween and at that time usually already have had a few light frosts and or a couple heavy frost.
  4. Not exactly NE. Coastal NC. I got some incredible smoke back during the early spring that had a few seeds. I had misplaced them, then found them towards the end of July. Therefore, I had a very late start but I was not giving up the opportunity to grow some of this smoke. I pulled her in last night and put a heater in the area that I moved her to. The ground is soaking wet yet again this morning. It's just that time of year.

    Edited. I had 6 little guys that sprouted. 2 got destroyed during a thunderstorm, my wife found 4 of them and pulled them up. The 1 that survived my wife's destruction is the 1 that I am really fighting for right now.
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    bud nugbong

    bud nugbong Moderator

    Mold got me again. Had to chop early and threw out a good amount. I still got 12oz but it would be nice to harvest when they are good and ready. My favorite are 8ball Kush, and Kushy Kush. I wasn't impressed with Ice Bomb from Bomb Seeds.

    I didn't know NC was in NE. :bigjoint:

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    Taking down the sativa now. 8 weeks. Rain shit and more of the same... take it now. My 2 cents

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  7. Sativa it is. I cut off a 3rd bud rot today. I have it in a low humidity, warm air flow until about 7 am. It will then have a couple of hours of really high humidity, before the sun burns it off. I'm giving it 1 more show of rot and we are done.
    Chief Chieferton

    Chief Chieferton Well-Known Member

    The last of it is getting close PSX_20171028_144655.jpg PSX_20171028_144538.jpg

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    Chief Chieferton

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    Finally done.... well worth the effort. See you next year friends. 20171105_220825.jpg

    GvegasGrowa Well-Known Member

    I've had Nov. finishers, but I have a greenhouse. They can go pretty late as long as they stay warm.

    My harvest wasn't bad this year. The cold & mold had me harvest everything a couple days before Halloween. Had to cut a lot at once so I ended up dry trimming. Got 24oz from this summer's crop. Not too shabby with the issues I had. & the real kicker..... A 100% legal grow.
    (well like 80%. I think I had 8 plants flowering instead of 6. But lost at least 2 to mold)
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    roony Well-Known Member

    Hey fellow newenglanders names roony nice to meet fellow growers with similar climate and conditions we deal with here outdoors or in a green house had my first grow in 2017 had three plant ground zero and 2 mangos in 45g pots outdoors got them as giant clones 20170622_165820.jpg 20170708_121516.jpg
    1st pic is mangos 2nd pic is ground zero its a little sad only pic I have as clone was the day after transplant the mangos had issues that I fought my whole grow one had powdery mildew and the other had a little mold on the stalk 20170623_190711.jpg
    I ended up cleaning it with 90% rubbing alcohol and h202 then burnt it with a torch lightly it worked great they soon turned around and other than constant PM treatments things were great 20170805_135739.jpg 20170824_175855.jpg they got huge and all was good until the buds were nearly done and looking beautiful 20170907_164657.jpg I noticed a little bud rot 20170910_100826.jpg
    And cut it out then found more and started to pull the girls a little early by the time I was finished I lost just about half of each mango and the ground zero lost a tad bit but barely any ended up pulling just under a pound of the ground zero and just over on the 2 mangos after rot 20170921_000228.jpg FullSizeR.jpg 20171019_165129.jpg so I'm feeling really good about my first grow sorry for being pic heavy I take way to many! Can't wait for next years grow season!

    Jaybodankly Well-Known Member

    I am planning autoflowers next year. Put them out in mid-june harvest end of August.

    Moderndayhippy Well-Known Member

    I just bought a bunch of super autos by flash seeds say they take about 110-120 days from seed gonna pop them in April hopefully they will finish by the end of august at the latest.

    Moderndayhippy Well-Known Member

    Thought I might throw this in here although it's really more preparation for next years crop, we have taken down 10 or so trees and have another 5-10 in our sights in order to open up a few more hours of light for the greenhouse, it was getting about 8am-2pm gonna hopefully add two hours in the afternoon.

    Also this is opening a nice size open space in the woods that I'm planning to run a bunch of CBD plants just to have around in case I ever run into someone that needs it for medicine. IMG_0397.JPG

    Skunker762 Member

    Can we keep this thread going for the 2018 New England out door season? I'm new to the forum and wouldnt mind having some fellow New Englanders to share growing with.
    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    I'm sure @northeastmarco will put up a new one when the snow melts.
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    Hairiest_Stamen Well-Known Member

    What's everybody's schedule this year for starting plants?

    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    2 more weeks for me.then clone clone clone still have solid snow cover here. I got light depo fever this yr
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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    if ya south of nyc u don't count,but ya welcome
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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    south of maine getting hard to find snow:bigjoint:
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