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    Howdy CT rollitup!

    Been trying for a while to get my MMJ card but it's proving difficult, at best. Though I do have medical issues that MJ does help with, self medicating, my docs say they will not help me out. My wife sees the difference in my anxiety levels and she's all for my continuing to self medicate until CT laws become a little more forgiving. I have suffered sleep issues all my adult life and after sparking one up at night I can relax and get sleep like normal people get, I can go weeks getting little sleep at night. After all this fuss I've gone through I think I'll just continue to go my homegrown route, kinda like enjoying the fruits of my labors.

    Thanks for having me, hope to make some friends here.
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    It does help, thanks.
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    Ximaxxx Well-Known Member

    Um ya I'm not even trying to get my medical card atm seriously.. The ct state is too strict on very few ailments to cure or use with mmj. I truly hope and believe they will lighten and expand the conditions they legally allow mmj for. Its early u kno just gotta wait...............
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    I agree, I'm trying to covering my ass, ya can't tell the difference in legal vs 'illegal' mmj and if ya know wot I mean. The rules suck and with the narrow amount of the qualifying illnesses it only makes it harder for those of us who ain't happy with pharaceuticals to treat our illnesses. I read that there is consideration for a few more illnesses to be added to the list it gives one hope that we are progressing.
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    Zacattack New Member

    Im in a Wheelchair because i was born with a non specific muscle weakness. I have very bad back pain and also so have bad anxiety what do you think my chances of getting a MMJ card are, and is there any doctor you could refer me too?
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    I contacted my oncologist March 31st to get the ball rolling on a MM card. I called Doc yesterday to check on it and was told that it takes a while. In addition I had a friend stop over to show me what you can get, Buds, oils, edibles, etc. Not cheap but I am interested or curious at being legal for the 1st time in 40 years !
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    yea..great news :) it took me about a month to get the card in the mail after my doc did recommendation and i filed the papwrk online. i go to bluepoint wellness in branford,ct. at first we could only get ground up meds,now we can get buds and edibles,etc. its if the prices can go down a little it b awesome. but im getting medicated and seeing great results,off all heavy duty narcotics for first time in 10 plus yrs. i wish u all the best.
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