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    Hi there, pleasure to be part of this community, this is my first grow in aeroponics and i needed some pointers, im using a General hydroponics rainforest system, i started my seeds in Rootit! Sponges using a humidity dome, 4 poped up, one is yellowing for some reason, i an feeding with first feed from rootit, when to i move them to the system, they are 2weeks now from seed, fixed a light issue and i was wondering should i ph or should i just give regular water at this point? I will use clay pepples and place the sponge in the middle and cover it with pebbles, when do i start giving nutes? I know that i should start real slow with 1/4 strength but when? Feeding chart says now though i still have them in the humidity dome and i open the top flaps once a day for them to breathe, any help on this will be so helpful

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    I have the general hydroponics flora series, i also do have some fox farms nutes, which do u guys recommend?

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    I also have one of these systems and also use the flora series. You have probably already moved to system by now but here goes. I placed mine in the system as soon as the tap was long enough to get out of net pot. I also fed them by the feeding schedule directions. I am using R/O water and really keep check on ppm and ph levels. Also I ended up backing off ppm levels as I may have a little burn. Get you a back-up pump NOW. After only 3 and 1/2 weeks mine quit. Photo is 3 1/2 weeks from seed.

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