Nevada Patients who are dissappointed with dispensary quality.

Discussion in 'Nevada Patients' started by Buba Blend, Mar 1, 2016.

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    I have tried a variety of Nevada's dispensary weed recently. I have grown my own for many years. Between harvests I am trying a variety of strains. It is fun to try many different products in small quantities. What I have found was the sativa dominant flower that I prefer is not very good from the dispensaries. Sativas take more care and more time to grow and both the dispensaries and the growers want the product on the shelf as quickly as possible to fill the demand, this is why the product is often to wet or to dry and crumbling, because until competition increases they are not allowing the time for proper drying and curing, they are drying it to fast. When I started to look at the products grown not by their desired affect, but by how easy they are to grow as a plant I had better results. If you go to a seed bank like sensi seeds, they have a list of seed strains for beginners. If you see any of these easy to grow strains at the dispensary, the quality may be acceptable to you. This is not a dig on the growers in any way. It is simply the best choice IMO for the buyer while the growers get the right strains to grow. Many growers have discontinued certain strains they were having trouble with, for instance Green Life Productions started with 24 strains and has removed half of their strains. Others are doing the same. For some this method of choosing strains may not work for their symptoms. For me, I prefer sativas but have been happier with the indica products from the dispensary. Anyway, if this helps anyone then I am happy to have helped. The two products I liked of the 12 or so strains I've tried are the Pre 98 Bubba Kush and the Fire Alien Kush. I'll include a picture of a cola from my last harvest and a picture of a plant growing now with fan leaves having as many as 14 blades. Both are White Castle (hybrid created using White Widow and Ice from Nirvana seeds)
    100_4827.JPG Crystalbud1.JPG
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    The shops have to get it from licensed people only and that doesn't mean they know how to grow good weed.

    The law is if they don't carry a strain you need you can grow it as long as you mark off where your growing and that you don't have a care giver on your renewal form. Otherwise you can't grow. And you have to buy the expensive shitty weed from the dispensaries
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    IKR , you expect to get high quality weed from a dispensary and its just a total let down. People tell me my product is wayyy better then dispensary, makes me feel warm n fuzzy , but then again not much of a competition. kinda sad

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    It is sad to say... But many of the growers are looking at $$ and not what helps patients. I get the business side of it, we all need to make the green to keep the green growing. But I have seen many growers and even dispensaries cut out strains that either are hard to grow or dont sell well. It is like they are only focused on the "recreational" side of the business and not the medical aspect... just my 2 cents... sad to see this new industry turning out that way, it my eventually lead to its own demise...

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    I agree man. They created a medical market that's legal. Made it easy for people to get cards. We had Weedmaps for a little while, a lot of them have got off it and have gone solo because they've been cracking down to help drive people into the shops because of the shops start up costs driving the prices to $90 for 7g of shake which then makes people continue to go on Weedmaps aka delivery the save money but that weed sucks too. This is causing shops to close already and is making the grey market as you'd call it even stronger and forcing people to grow weeds they don't in the shops. What a shit fuck! But a great man once said we have a conservative doctrine and a liberal doctrine in the U.S. And that's the bill of rights and the constitution. Overtime you'll have more free market based conservative thinking helping to change the medical laws for the better or the liberal government owned mentality. One way or another it'll all work out but for now we'll just have to buy seeds we've never grown before or we'll have to start breeding our own genetics!
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    I have friends who grow to sell to dispensary's, They don't flush!
    Although they're my friends, we grow for different reasons. I grow because I have passion for the plant, and I DON"T SELL.
    They're constantly looking for 47-49 day finishes. My last grow was Sage N Sour that went 11 weeks.

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    I grow because I smoke an ounce a week! Ha. Beats the damn narco pills any day of the week. Clouds my head up and makes me gain weight quick.
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    It is a discussion I have weekly... and a sensitive topic to me... I grow for patients, started out a little over 10 years ago as a family member was diagnosed breast cancer.. Saw what treatment did to her.... ... it grew to a few more patient as I became involved in support groups.... I take donations only from patients occasionally... I just hate seeing growers focused on the easy to grow, quick cash side of the business and forgetting that almost all of the LEGAL cannabis industry within the U.S. started as medical... I am all for enjoying a great smoke, but darn, lets not forget the other side just to make quick cash..
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