Need some good Outdoor Strains

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    justugh Well-Known Member


    in oregon rainy then massively dry (fire season)

    need a few good producers / tasty strains that can grow outside (never done it all indoor here so )

    barney farm Sweet tooth was told to do by tekdc
    any others ones any of u guys know of

    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    The only factor is height. Any strain can be done indoors or out.

    SwiSHa85 Active Member

    Try some of Stitch's super auto's. Look up Flash Seeds, a lot of large seed banks carry them. I've seen a huge outdoor Cristal Fruity Kush that a buddy of mine grew. She was about 7 foot and had massive colas.
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    1God777 Member

    I just sent a order in for a 8 pack of unfeminized bubble crack auto seeds from flash along with a 10 pack of blue Himalaya diesel auto from short stuff

    deote New Member

    I'm recenty in love with Mamba Negra strain <3

    It's a mixture of Highlife Champion from 2004, Critical Mass and very fruity, red-haired and dense Skunk strain

    Ayahuasca Purple also grows really good as far
    check what they have at pestkomania - they are from poland but they send abroad

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