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    Hello all, first post here on rollitup. Had a question about some clones I put in my bubble cloner 5 days ago. I have them in my veg tent on the floor of my tent, checking them today I noticed that 7 out of the 11 are starting to flower. Is this because they were too far from the light? I use a 600w LED and it's set about 4 1/2- 5 feet away from clones, albeit not even directly above the clones. I have since put them closer to the light but want to know if it's worth waiting for them to revert and root, or just start some new clones? Thanks in advance.
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    Keep going. They'll turn weird for a while but will reveg. How many hours a day are you running the light?
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    how old are the clones. reveging a clone that's started budding takes at least a month
    for me i keep all my clones for 1 month until they product a good root mass then put them under a big light
    amount of light shouldn't really matter unless they are getting less then 16 hours on
    if the plant you took clones from was already in flower the clone will continue to try bud even f put under 18 hours
    i find the younger the plant you take clones from in veg the quicker the clones start establishing roots
    never take clones from a plant that has started to flower unless you like waiting a long time for then to re veg
    if clones are still green and have roots just wait they will start to reveg soon 3 more ish weeks
    600w is allot of light if the clones are all you have in the veg tent is 600w from the wall or just what the blurple led says on the box or fixture

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    Clones were cut on Saturday July 7th and put into water for a day until I put into my bubble cloner on Sunday, the 7 that started flowering were outdoor plants and the 4 that didnt flower on me were indoor on I guess these 7 started flowering before they were cut but didnt show signs until now. I think I'll leave them be until my vegging plants are able to provide more viable cuttings for the cloner.

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    Hotrodharley is right if you leave them be for a bit they will go back into a veg state. They will get kinda weird looking during the process and will also grow like crazy when they go back into veg. Make sure your lights are on a 18/6 schedule. But honestly I would chuck them and make new ones if you have the moms to do so. I mean who gives a damn it takes all of a week to get some clones ready to transplant. Also if you have the ability I would not mix outdoor and indoor, that is a great recipe for bugs and all sorts of other problems. If you can, cut your clones from the indoor moms. Also that is a lot of light for those little guys but you do have them good and far away so shouldn't be a big problem. As a side note people actually do this on purpose it is called monster cropping. That is when you take clones from a mom who is in early flower, they will go back into a veg state and then grow very bushy. I have done it they almost get too bushy. You will constantly be grooming them. That said there is a reason people do it and that is if done right you will get a bigger yield. Good luck man.

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    Thanks for the reply, you make a great point about possibly introducing bugs into my indoor grow, I honestly didn't even think about that. Thanks for the help I think I'll just take additional cuttings and start again, as my grow space is limited i don't need super bushy plants!

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