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    Yesterday I got several Windows Updates I installed successfully. After reboot I've trouble to open the mail folder in EPIM. All the time the program crashes without notification. Calendar and other folders are working well. Any Idea what the reason might be?

    Windows Version: Windows 7 Professional; Version 6.1 (Build 760: Service Pack 1)
    EPIM Version: 6.0 (loaded the newest one from homepage)
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Remove each of the recent updates one by one and test after each to see if the problem is fixed.

    I haven't allowed updates for ages for my XP Pro desktop and it's stable as hell. Motherboard is dying so I guess it's time to rebuild soon. Maybe some flavour of Linux.

    Good luck.

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    charface Well-Known Member

    I let mine upgrade from 7 to whatever.
    Now it wants to install 8gig update.
    I don't have room even If I wanted it which I don't

    Went to do a factory reset,
    Says it needs 5 gigs more.

    I have nothing to uninstal.

    I was happy with xp also.
    Stopped playing with linux at like redhat 5 or something.

    New windows is like aol.
    They fucked it up trying to appeal to newbs.

    I use to try to explain to people that aol was not easier to log in and navigate with. But that's how it was marketed

    Oh well, i feel better after ranting anyway

    Fuck win
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Win10 is crap. They had to slyly sneak it in on Win7 and 8 machines because nobody wanted it. It would quietly be uploaded in the background until it was on your hardrive then install itself without your knowledge or permission. Then if you tried to revert to your previous version of WinBlow$ you ended up with a crippled computer. They were getting sued all over the place by businesses that lost money fixing shit and eventually were forced to stop.

    Then the nag screens almost begging you to install it.

    My wife's lappy has 8 on it and she was getting hassled so I went online to see what to do about it. There was one of the updates needed removing and a small blocking program from a 3rd party to install to stop the nagging but no problems since then.

    There is a way to get recent updates for XP that I'm thinking of trying but my desktop runs so well that I hate to maybe screw up a good thing. Hoping maybe that one of the newer updates would let me use my phone with the computer to load e-books etc on it. My Camera and Scanner Wizard detects it OK and lets me copy pics to the computer but I can't get stuff off my computer on to the phone. Could never get my Blu-Ray burner to work in XP either tho it functions fine as a DVD reader/burner.

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    charface Well-Known Member

    Wow, yeah, i went in to disable the nags and had no luck with it.
    Ill look into that like you mentioned

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