Need help flushing!!!

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    snoeman032 Well-Known Member

    Hey Im no pro, ive been looking up flushing videos and I get the concept but what I don’t understand and what no one really discloses is do I continue to give large amounts of water or do I just do that once? For example I have a 3 gallon pot, I flush with about 6-7 gallons of water the first time, do I keep doing that for about two weeks or do I just do that once and then keep giving normal amounts of plain water? My ppm was 2171 when I started and now it’s 821. after the first day of flushing. Thanks in advance

    promedz Well-Known Member

    What week are you in? Do you use a flushing agent?

    lokie Well-Known Member

    Flushing is, in essence, a myth and at best a procedure only needed to correct
    the effects of poor feeding habits.

    No matter what your thoughts on whether to flush or not, it is not recommended to incorporate
    flushing into your regular watering routine.

    TurboSR20smokin Well-Known Member

    ive been reading alot of k0jins post and pre harvest flushing just sounds like a crock of shit......

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