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    Took a recent first trip to Colorado(most beautiful place I've ever been) stopped by dispensaries as I had request of things people wanted from back home (a medically legal state) so little to say I had about one of everything chocolate, cookies, gummies, energy pill, relax pills, lotions, vapes you get the drift. I was told repeatedly keep everything in the trunk as I did on my travels home. In which I went thru illegal states. I got stopped and completely complied as I figured at worst I just wasted a lot of money and lost all my gift for back home. Boy did I not do my research on the law because "extracts" are a felony and that's pretty much everything I had... and the cop showed no mercy as I'm now charged with 2 felony class A and spent my first day every in my life sitting in a jail cell. The judge who set my bail told me the felony has me sitting along side murderers. as I hope no one has had to learn these laws the hard way like I did I'm hoping to find a little ease here as this process for me has just begun and anyone willing to share any kind of experience would give me hope that my life isnt over. I have my medical card where I live even tho I've been told repeatedly none of that matters. I just can't wrap my head around felony on my record over something that is being so accepted where I was and where I live. Also beware dont travel with your lotion vapes ANYTHING except flower and that's if you get a nice cop as they told me when I was being booked. Also they weighed all of it in the canisters and containers before they sealed in for processing. Does anyone know if package will count in the end? Hoping if they take off packaging my charges wont be felonies. But I have no clue what's a head of me..

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    Do whatever you can to hire a competent attorney. It might be very tough to fight your case because you consented to a search. NEVER EVER CONSENT TO A SEARCH. By not consenting you give your attorney some leverage to challenge the legality of the stop and search. He can file a motion to suppress evidence collected in the arrest by LEO. By consenting, all of that goes out the window and your attorney has very little wiggle room. Not trying to scare you, just being honest. Best case scenario your attorney can work out a good plea bargain to get charges reduced or a lighter sentence and depending on your prior record you may just be placed on probation. Worse case scenario you will have to serve some time but probably nothing crazy. Good luck.
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    He told you wright get a GOOD LAWER.and keep your mouth shout.

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