Need a little help with a Benefical tea recipe for dwc

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    kaydeezee Well-Known Member

    Hi RIU

    I've got a couple blueberry OG plants in there 2nd week of 12/12 and just started feeding a bloom regime,

    I've also been using some liquid orca for root protection wich has worked very well

    I was reading some posts about beneficial and decided to to try to brew a beneficial tea but I'm not sure of the exact ingrediance and there measurement's?

    First atempt :

    I used a 7.5lmp air pimp & 2x 4" ceramic stones
    I used 15L of tap water (bubbled for 24h)
    I added 2tbsp of black strap molasses
    I added 1tsp of orca
    I added 1tsp of great white
    I let it bubble for 24hours at 77f using a heat mat but' no foaming?

    There was some bubbles but no foaming?
    I think something went wrong lol

    Well' now I have to start again and these are the ingrediance I'm able to use at the moment ue to financial restrictions (broke as fuck)

    1, bio buzz worm humus
    2, liquid orca
    3, great white
    4, bone meal
    5, liquid seaweed tonic
    6, extreme gardening myCo's
    7, black strap molasses

    Can' some knowlagable grower with some experience please create a possible recipe from the ingredance I have provided?

    What temp should the tea be kept at?
    Should I be using a lid on the bucket of tea whilst it is brewing?

    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member

    Try the root /nute pack from OGbiowar. stuffs the best on the market
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    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member

    75-78 degrees
    no lid
    orca is watered down microbes, go with powdered to make tea effectively
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    kaydeezee Well-Known Member

    I got a little impatient waiting for some help so' I took to the green lab and started concocting my own recipe.

    Using other recipes as a guide I created my first hydro beneficial tea for my dwc system


    First I use a 20L black bucket & lid
    Fill with 16L of RO water and bubble for 2hours with a twin outlet 8lpm airpump & 2 4" ceramic airstones.


    Biobizz worm humus
    = 600g
    extreme mycos = 2 tbsn's
    Bone meal = 2 tbsn's
    Liquid seaweed = 50ml
    Blackstrap Molasess = 1 tbsn
    Liquid orca = 7ml
    Great white = 1 tsn


    I plan on letting the tea brew for 48hours like recommended by other tea brewers before using at a dose of 1 cup per 4L
    So' in my 75L res I use 50L so that's 12.5 cups =250ml per cup = 3.5 Litres every res change.

    Res change is every 7-10 days depending on plant health & the condition of the res.
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    kaydeezee Well-Known Member

    What's the reason behind not using a lid?

    I was in 2minds about using the lid but decided to use it??

    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member

    honestly probably doesnt matter, I just like seeing the foam. the warm air trapped from the pump will probably help.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I don't think tea in DWC is a good idea. You'll end up with pythium problems.
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    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member

    true, I'd stick with less of the castings and more of the microbes and just molasses., DWC you would have to run a bio-filter to keep the bad shit out

    kaydeezee Well-Known Member

    Isn't brewing a beneficial tea supposed to combat the likes of pythium& other bad bacteria?
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    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member

    yes but the organic material that you end up putting in your dwc system promotes the ph swings and bad bacteria too when it decomposes and sits in your water.
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    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member

    dwc is usually run pretty sterile with added zym to break down the organics, im running some bennys in mine but you need to replenish them often because they die without soil and things to much on.
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    ounevinsmoke Well-Known Member

    I'm confused on how you guys run sterile, with bennies...
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    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member

    I guess technically it isnt, bactillus is for dwc and mycos die in it ( the synthetic nutes), I guess zym is bacteria so it isnt sterile. I just had it in my mind for some reason mycos werent sterile cause you gotta breed them and zym was cause it kept shit from building up in your res. High moments like this make me want to sit down and smoke a dab or 2.

    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member


    kaydeezee Well-Known Member

    I've seen on adverse effects on my plants since using the tea I made but I have had another problem that is very concerning is the DREADED STRETCH

    I veged my 2 blue OG's for 50days from seed topping several times and installing a scrog net.

    However, I underestimated the growth speed in DWC and soon after flipping to 12/12 both plants have stretched from 18" to 50" and the onset of flowering only began 15days ago.

    Lights were flipped to 12/12 21days ago and both plants started flowering after 7days, so 2 weeks flowering
    Here are a few snaps of the past week 20180510_193927.jpg 20180508_185122.jpg 20180512_174548.jpg
    I've only got around 17" height before thay will be growing into the lamp

    I've been looking into PGR's but have read these products have harmful chemicals that's not recommended for edible vegatation but' do stop verical growth in plants?

    Any ideas on my next move would be greatly appreciated

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