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    Hey everyone im a pretty new grower aug will be my year of growing in this time i have actually got quite a bit accomplished i have grown out over 40 plants most from seed but all of it was indoor. Now it is time to move it outdoor where there is no height restriction and i plant on growing trees in 40-50 gallon smart pots out at my farm. My question tho to anyone thats grown outside is what strains work good for montana. I have a few different strains in mind that i have ordered a few of them i know will work up here is the Northern Lights and Mk Ultra i have some purple wreck from reserva privada and some Matanuska Thunderfuck from dr greenthumb some Black Afy (black domina x afghany kush) which i know this one works good. Anyone else have any suggestions. I am chomping at the bit to get out there im going to start building my greenhouse next week. I already have clones of the black afy and the Mat TF rooted and growing so they should be good size by the time they go out

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    Alright montanans how come all of you are lame is there anyone even growing anything here come on people leave a comment i must be the only one representing out great state

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    Lame again still no thoughts huh well you all should be planning your outdoor grows now if you are gonna do it dont make the mistake i did last year decide in the middle of summer to do a garden then all the plants were small im talking vegtables on that garden my mmj was indoors most of the time last summer. Anyway people am i gonna be the only one on rollitup with a huge outdoor medical garden representing for montana i hope not. Anyway montana ive got my posts and pvc to build my greenhouse all i have to do now is go in today and get a big piece of greenhouse plastic then assemble. Some of the clones are already started and should be nice and big by the time they get to go outside i have 5 black afy and 5 alaskan thunderfuck the two plants i took the clones from are flowering now so i will know which ones to plant or give away cause if these phenos arent that great i will have to plant more seeds. Come on someone post something about what your doing this spring and summer with your garden

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    Not EVERYONE is lame. Most, but not all. Over 60% of the voters approved it, 75% of the ELECTED OFFICIALS decided for us that it really wasn't what we intended so they gutted the law and no one did ANYTHING!!!!!!!! Almost all cannabis growing has gone underground now thanks to Pinocchio Obama and the willingness of law enforcement to engage in "selective law enforcement".

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    Yeah Geezer i know all this ive been following closely have a few friends with the MTCIA. My post just wanted to know if anyone is growing outside here and what strains work best?

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    i got a strain called kish its a cash crop ken strain. grows beefy and finish flower in 42 days and is a great yielder. on a 5 ft plant 1 lb minimum. also i had astro queen that did better than the kish. and tastes great. have also done A.S.H./ afghan skunk X afghan haze was a massive yielder!! very hearty and tough for the early MT snow.

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