My topped auto is to bushy is she in need of a haircut

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    no caca. i wasnt saying they dont. there is nothing whatsoever wrong with defoliating your plant. As long as you don't do it at the wrong times. We will see what I yield with what ive been doing then I can report back with my findings from my defoliation rounds. My plants have filled back each and every time I have done my normal two rounds of defoliation (one heavy and one semi-heavy). I only 95% of the time take out the inner most leaves and only 1-2 from each stem and most of the lower small leaves which haven't grown much because they are not getting light.

    I have gotten my process down pat with this plant and expect to have maximum yields on my two critical plus photos going by using the same process I have been trying to get down pat. I do plan on adding a new topping technique I learned from a fellow RIU grower, but I will add a twist to it. Basically I am going to top the main stem and fim the 4 most bottom growth tips, along with doing my normal two rounds of heavy and semi heavy defoliation and then LST the rest of the plant after I top/fim the plants.

    Sorry for the quality of the pics. I dont bring them out until tomorrow for watering and at least 2 of them definitely need some water...I will be adjusting the branches tomorrow to get them best positioned to take on the light.

    Dinafem Sour Diesel AUTO (about 2.5-3 weeks into flowering, I think. I forgot to write down when pistils starting showing) She has a bunch of bud sites (40+) imo from the "wrong" I did to it because of my defoliation and LST joking. And its an auto. Again I do agree if defoliation is not done correctly, you do risk hurting the plant/stunting it:

    Sour Diesel Auto in Flowering.JPG

    Dinafem Critical Plus #1 (today is starting week 3 of Veg):

    Critical Plus Photo #1 (start of week 3 Veg).JPG

    Dinafem Critical Plus #2 (today is starting week 2 of Veg):

    Critical Plus Photo #2 (start of week 2 Veg).JPG

    Dark Devil in Flowering:

    Dark Devil Auto in Flowering.JPG
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    Sure cannabis will grow if you remove leave. I do sometimes myself but for very few reasons like to reduce chances of mold.

    My point is that basic botany says that those leaves are needed. They are there for a point.

    Just showing pics of healthy plants with leaves removed proves nothing.

    Show me a side beside where there is an increase in yield from it.

    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    Done correctly defoliation will only help your plant. I agree why the leaves are needed hence why I dont take all of the leaves and I remove them and a specific time. I rarely will remove leaves during veg unless they are really cumbersome. Otherwise I do more leaf tucking and securing leaves back using ties vs defoliating.

    Thanks about my plants being healthy tho. I am glad you noticed. lol. seriously thx.

    I dont have any side by sides atm i can show, but i could do it using the photos as an experiment if anybody else would be interested in finding out what happens...I am more than willing to try it out with the two critical plus photos I have going. I already have a journal going on both of them (one journal with two plants). One differentiation is that one plant is about 1.5 weeks older than the other. So what I will do, is do everything else the same way except I will defoliate the younger plant since its younger and not touch the older plant besides my normal topping and fimming I will do. SO both will get LST, topping and fimming done to it and same nutes and water schedule. I chose the younger plant since I will have to flip to 12/12 and the older plant will already have more veg time. I plan to use the defoliation technique on the younger smaller plant to see if I can yield as much as the older plant or more.

    Its worth a shot, and im up for it...

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Plants being healthy after the removal of leaves doesnt prove anything.

    You make the claim it increases yield. I would like to see the proof.

    You keep saying if done at the right time. Leaves are important. They drive the plant and bud production. They store nutrients for the plant.

    I'm not talking growing a plant and it looks healthy after removing leaves.

    It can't be two different plants either. That ma and nothing as different phenos will yield different.

    It needs to be clones off the same plant. Preferably sets of clones of a few different plants.

    Just removing some growth and the plant making it to the end and looking good and even smoking good is not proof.

    I'm not against selective pruning. That helps many types of plants. Not yield necessarily but bigger fruits.

    Swazzing or what ever it is from a $500 book.

    It says that cannabis is a wind pollinated plant so it makes sense if the buds are exposed to fresh air they will get bigger.

    Not really. Wind doesn't make big buds. Light does. Leaves use light. Mainly fan leaves as the buds and sugar leaf are nowhere near efficient at using light as fans.

    It goes on to say that the plant will put energy into buds as it doesn't have to put energy into maintaining fan leaves.

    Lol! Seriously. No. The plant doesn't have to maintain those Leaves. It now has to put energy into making new leaves. The plant didn't have to maintain those old leaves. Those leaves actually maintain the plant.

    It goes on to say it could be a response to stress. Like if bugs in the wild ate the leaves. The plant rushes to finish.

    Yea. A bunch of stress in flower is good. Not.

    I hope to didn't blow 500 on a book. I hope this isn't leading to promote the book.

    Look at guys like @doublejj that grow monster plants. I mean monsters. Like when he is standing next to one its 2-3 times his height and 4-5 times as wide. They are full of leaves.

    A little selective pruning is one thing but that schwazzing stuff is a load of crap.
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    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    Defoliation is ok to do as long as done correctly and at the right time.

    My plant has a ton of leaves still and is growing bigger daily.

    My yields will be good and I’m happy with the health and growth of the plant. I have many bud sites (and as far as I know bud sites are what produce buds) more bud sites equals more bud. Or am I wrong in thinking that.

    So unless these many bud sites produce no buds then I’ll assume my methods are perfectly fine and bring about a good yield.

    The two photos as I said are critical plus’ grown in same type of medium, same lighting, same water, same nutes, etc. except one is about 1.5 weeks younger.

    I was just offering to prove or disprove it is a good technique.

    Tbh I’ll do just to see results and offer the data back to the community.

    The grow journal will have the steps I take so it can be documented.

    Why would I waste $500 on a I only also said it was like swaazing not that I actually follow it. And again defoliation done correctly will work wonders....

    Its all good tho. I like constructive debates all the time.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Ok. Just ignore basic botany.

    The plant living and growing bud is not proof taking leaves works.

    They would yield more with those leaves.

    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    So now you have the proof?

    I think it is very much proof that the plant responded well to it. It’s not dying and not slowing down. Again we will see after harvest.

    Cmon now neither you or I have proof but all I can say I have many bud sites from my techniques.

    Will post results later.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    No. We won't see after harvest. Sure it will finish. It may even be good and pretty. So what. You won't know how much it would yield if you left it alone.

    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    It’s an auto wasn’t expecting much. But I’m guessing it will produce a nice yield if all the bud sites come together nicely...Proved fimming and topping won’t hurt plant and defoliating only helps make more bud sites. I’ve proven enough to myself that’s all that matters. The photos I’ll do the experiment on and will report back.

    I’ve seen more bud sites form from defoliation so I guess I know it works. Until u try u will never know. Why don’t you give it a shot since it seems as you have more experience growing than I do and can actually have something to compare it too.

    My results from my photos won’t be in until mid April.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    If course topping makes more buds sites. And?

    I can assure you I've tried just about every grow method out there.

    I agree that some autos respond well to topping and it can increase yield.

    Removing leaves won't.

    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    Removing leaves exposes more light to the bud sites which in turn makes them grow more than they would if the leaves were blocking the light. So to me it’s simple botany. More light to bud sites equals more larger buds equals more yield.

    But we all have different methods and until it can be proven that removing leaves hurts yield I think I’ll stick to my methods which seem to make the plant flourish with bud sites.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Wrong man. Buds don't use light as well as leaves. That's botany. Lol. That's rich. Cut the leaves off to let light to the buds. If you understood basic botany you would know why leaves are important.

    Leaves are what use light. Think of it this way. If any light hits the ground or floor of grow room its going to waste. You want every leaf you can getting light.

    Ill leave it at that. Chop your leaves off. I just don't want some new grower doing and screwing up thier grow.
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    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    again if done correctly defoliation works. if not done correctly it doesnt. I have said that many times over. its not for a new grower to even try doing. I have grown many things other than buds and im fairly confident about my skills. I understand photosynthesis. I did pay attention in class. lol I know leaves drive the plants growth, energy, etc. I never said they didnt. If done correctly you can create more bud sites and get more light to the buds and other leaves by defoliating your plants. I will defoliate my leaves. Not chop off like you must have done with no good results. Look at my plant its bushy and not sure why you dont see that. I defoliate twice and thats all. It works wonders. All good tho. Each us of has their own growing style. I believe it works wonders on my plants and i continue to use the methods that have worked well in my other garden grows.

    I will 100% agree with you - defoliation is not for the need to know what you are doing. But outright saying its not right to do is completely false and incorrect. If done correctly, it greatly benefits your plants growth and yield.

    Not saying you are wrong tho in saying new growers shouldnt touch their plants. Im new to bud growing but not new to gardening and have tried many techniques that worked and didnt work and will stick with what i know works.

    Ill leave it at that.

    Great debate tho..:)
    greenskeeper willy

    greenskeeper willy Member

    When ever the 2 ye stop bitching could ye help this newbie with humity levels been 99 when lights off I have loads of warrdrobe dehumidifiers in there an there collect a lot of water but humity levels still high

    Bookush34 Active Member

    Glad to see another guys topping autos.
    I have two Train Wrecks in the go.
    ones topped and ones left alone.
    the topped one is about 2 weeks behind the one left alone.
    the topped one is 2x the size.

    most autos take well to topping and trimming.
    Despite the haters.

    Of the 8-10 different auto strains I have ran. I have yet to see ill effects of topping or removing lower branches the don't produce
    So far 100% of my "butchered" autos have out performed the ones left alone
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    Totally long as you top and/or fim correctly and defoliate you will be fine. I do it on all my plants, autos and photos and my garden plants as well.

    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    what type of exhaust you got going on?

    Any pics of your grow space?
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    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    Fimmed at 6 spots and topped at one and a good amount of LSTing. I have her all natural now and just leaf tuck and shift bud sites here and there...watered the plants todays so they may look a little droopy right now.

    The sour (the bigger plant) I had her almost dry to get an idea of how much water she needs and how often. She drinks a ton of water I tell you. I water about twice weekly it and with her I may have to add another small drink just for her mid week.

    Here she is still looking nice and full with multiple bud sites even after two rounds of defoliation:


    ...and if anybody is wondering those are 33" tomato cages. The main cola shot up about another 2" since this pic...
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    greenskeeper willy

    greenskeeper willy Member

    Here it is now iv a carbon filter exsut fan I have got the humity down to in the 60s with dehumidifiers I have everywhere in the tent I watered em a small drop today and it’s up between 60 and 80s would that be ok

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    RayRay747 Well-Known Member

    what size exhaust, size of grow space, type of filter and exhaust fan?

    Why dont you just invest in one larger dehumidifier? Nothing too big but something you can empty once every other day vs those smaller ones...

    Any way you can shorten the exhaust ducting and maybe move the exhaust fan/filter up to the top of the tent?

    Can you get an oscillating fan? Something that can move the air around a little better than what you are using now?

    Just a few suggestions, not sure if they are even fix-its...but one thing I learned was adjusting layouts of my OS fans, my exhaust fan (if you can adjust it), changing from cold air humidifiers to warm air humidifiers, taking out my dehumidifier, moving the humidifier to different parts of the grow space, etc.

    Try a few different things and see what happens...but you def want to get the rH down to under 50 if you can since it looks like you got some flowering going on...

    Also to me it looks like the plants are over watered - the leaves are drooping and the stems look straight vs the leaf and the stem being droopy/limp...Im not positive but just giving you my opinion...maybe others can chime in and confirm? How often do you water them? How much water?

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