My quick irie intro.

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    U guys prob know my name.. Ive been puffing since the early 90's.. Back when u had to go outside to smoke.. Not an issue with sharing.. Folks that i hung with hadnt smoked yet and i might as well have been shotting heroine..

    Nowadays i havent smoked in a year.. Not that i dont. I just havent.. New city. New state. But im being patient wating on the laws to change in state. I have to grow.. Period. Its my passion.. So much that its expanding to other forms of agriculture.. And im a city boy.. Go figure.. I would grow in a box i would grow with a fox..

    Be well
    You never truely die.. Your never alone..

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    welcome to RIU
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    Dont think your better than anybody but BE better than everybody.

    You are your brand. Market yourself correctly.
    These maybe my quotes.. But i sleep with my TV on and maybe it slipped into my subconscious so i cant claim ownership..

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    Keep up your passion! And Welcome to RIU!

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