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Great stuff @dannyboy602
I hope you post up some oil work too.
My experience has been that oil is a lil easier because it takes so long to dry. It leaves a much bigger window for touching up and or wiping mistakes away.
Now you got me itching to break out my gear and get into it.
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@dannyboy602 Wow! I guess I should venture out of TNT more often. I had no Idea. Really enjoyed looking at those. Was going to ask if you painted people, then further along saw the latest posts. YOu shouldn't be so critical of yourself. Art is how YOU are expressing yourself. Doesn't matter if others receive it. (but it IS really good BTW). I know how you feel, exposing something you create makes you very vulnerable, but hey, if we can't show our soft underbellies, we can't grow.


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thx guys...I'm tryin...I am anxious to start painting in oils. I love painting people. Portraits are so much fun. I'm pretty good at portraits in charcoal and graphite, no experience in oils yet. That will change. Pada I suck at working from memory. My memory is a mess. When I was in art school we had nude models almost every day. Soon as I turned away from the model I was lost. I'm all about the visual.

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I do draw mostly charcoal. Graphite. Not much else.
Thanks for sharing. The work is beautiful. This is a series I worked on from a recent painting class. They had to work together or stand alone. One of them one a prize , honorable mention, at the student show but someone left a note that said " First Prize for biggest bleeding heart asshole"



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Great job as always, man!

I know you'll do well at any exhibitions you put your work in

A small constructive criticism I have that I hope you take positively would be to work a little bit on the horizontal stroke. The shadow on the building in this last piece is slightly off, it makes my mind kinda confused for a second when looking at it.

A small suggestion to improve your pieces with a little more control with watercolors is add some colored pencils! My art teacher in high school pointed that out to me when I told her how much I hated using watercolors because they lacked the control I was used to with pencils/pens

As always, fantastic pieces of art, man