My little girl's got a green thumb

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    This was a clone that I had tossed out in a waste pile this spring. I had extras that I didn't need, want, or not rooted and tossed them. My little five year old was playing rolly-polly city on the pile and planted a few of the plugs for trees for her rolly-polly friends. Well a bit of rain and some sun and in a few weeks one of the trees is a foot tall. I double check to make sure it wasn't a male that she planted and then piled some compost around her base, and had my girl water it for a few days a week. in July my girls went back east to visit family for a few weeks and I top-dressed it with some super-soil and let it go. When they returned home it was as tall me. Now I have her fenced off for support, and she is starting to flower... The question is what is she??? possibilities are La Confidential, Pure Afghan High CBD, Bubba x Pure Afghan, Purple Urkle x Pure Afghan. Time will tell...

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    slowandsteady Well-Known Member

    its always the unwanted and neglected ones that do the best. LOL looks awesome no guess on the strain but lookin like that no matter what it is its a win win. let us know how it cures and smokes

    ambedexteras Well-Known Member

    lol thats funny man. good stuff tho. so when she turns 18 u gonna cut her 50% lol
    like an inheritance. after all without her u wouldnt have it haha

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    I'm hoping when she's 18 she will help trim!

    gR33nDav3l0l Well-Known Member

    Maybe it runs in the family XD

    By the way, I think we (growers) sometimes underestimate the sturdiness of the cannabis plant. I've seen 'em grow completely neglected and still pack a punch in those buds.

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    It grows like a weed
    Samwell Seed Well

    Samwell Seed Well Well-Known Member

    dude amazing plant you got their

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    She's about seven foot talk and five or more feet across, fan leaves are huge very afghani...

    hoonry Well-Known Member

    that's a lovely story. weed is hearty - I threw a male out of a one gallon over the fence one spring once it had shown its sex, and I had to climb over the fence and kill it a month later since it wouldn't die, even in sweltering heat with no water! sounds like you could have a great guerilla strain

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    Gorgeous plant!
    Methinks the young one is destined for great, green things!
    If nothing else, an interesting story for her when she gets of age to comprehend it.

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    Here is a bud shot of Violet (I let my girl name her) in all her pinkness

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    Here is a few pics of violet, she has a nice sweet green apple scent and just a load of juicy nugs on her. Needless to say my little one is sad about the prospects of cutting her down, she would rather keep her growing forever...I had to show her the little clones!

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    gorgeous buds!

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    Here are some pics from the day before chop day which was yesterday. Just a guess but I think she is pushing 2# plus that includes the lower stuff too. Well I think I'm pretty sure she is the Afghan only the testing will tell for sure, she smells sweeter than indoors? must be the sun or the pile of compost she was feed.

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