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The set-up:
SOIL: I make my own soil using an old ed rosenthal recipe it's pretty close to sub's supersoil but way less hot and needs food by flower time. it consists of 1 part vermiculite, 1part perlite, 1 part peat moss 4 parts top soil (I just get the shit from lowes or home deopt-right now it's planter's pride organic) Amendments are a tablespoon each of: dolomite lime, blood meal, bone meal, jamaican guano and peruvian guano per 4 gallon container. no amendments to the soil mix until the last transplant about 3 weeks before flowering. I feed loosely following the fox farms full line soil schedule. about 50-75% strength. I feed week 3 to anything in the 4 gallon pots in veg. I feed nothing to the younger ones in veg just RO water before they go to the big pots.
CLONE/CUTTINGS: I use a Turbo Kloner 24 site set up for cuttings/clones. 4 x 4" 40w flouros sit above it mostly for light for me not them as this is where I do the bulk of my work. the kloner gets water only so far but my Ice plant doesn't respond as well( they root like hell while the others go nuts) so the next run, with the ice only, I will be using some olivia's gel when I cut them to see if I can get a better response.

Kloner and babies in veg.JPG in the kloner is the last ice cut strugglin to root. the small pots are barely 1 week out of the kloner. 3 on the far left are ice. closest to us in the second row from the left is an AK-48 cut, behind that is a bubblelicious cut and then 3 behind those are all Acid cuts. all same age, cut on 7-8-12

The vegetative:
Once the plants root up nice in the small pots (1-3 weeks usually) they get tossed in some 4 gallon pots (that's an estimated size btw) for 3 weeks to finish rooting in the new container and prepare to flower. At that point I begin to feed weeks 3 on the FF schedule to them for 3 weeks. sometimes I use week 2 then week 3 but mostly it's week 3 for 3 weeks until they are ready to flower. For light I use a 400 watt conversion from HPS to MH set-up. The soil was discussed above. the clone and veg areas are inches from each other taking about half the total size of the room. The other half is my storage and work table and drying tent. I say that because temps and hum are measure on the same meter for both areas. the temps, even in this michigan weather have been 68-82 deg F and 38-70% RH.
Veg garden 1.JPG starting in the back row from left to right: mothers for ACID, AK-48, ICE. second row: mother for White Widow then cuts to flower: Acid, AK-48, AK-48. Front row: AK-48, Acid, Acid, White Widow. Varying ages in that line up.

The whole grow operates on a 3 week interval perpetual grow. I do anywhere from 2-5 plants per 3 week rotation. All 3 strains (ice, ak-48 and acid) flower 9 weeks. Bubblelicious (which I just keep for no good reason, it sucks) is more like a 10 weeker when I did I just hold it in veg to say I have 4 strains instead of just 3 LOL.
More pics of the veg area:

veg garden 2.JPGveg garden 3.JPG
The Flower:
Lights: I use 2, 1000 watt switchable balasts and lights. right now I'm trying a progression from MH to HPS as they move through the flower stage. I prob will change that to just HPS in both once I have to buy bulbs in a few months but for now I got both kinds and want to see if I can cut some stretch and get the buds stacking better with some MH for the first bit in flower. The mix is nice for everyone in the flower room too I think but I can't compare til I try it with all HPS 2K watts. I use a window vented dehum/ac unit to keep it cool and dry in the flower room. I split my room (flower and veg) using a few layers of thick panda plastic and I use a double zipper entrance. 2 standing osc fans about 12" dia move air around. A series of 4, 6" inline duct fans push air from out of the room across the bulbs and back out the room. the room itslef is vented for air exchange with 2, 6" inline fans one in and one out running 24/7. The flower room was just expanded from 1K to 2K and it's not full yet. the MH in flower is pretty much unnecessary at the moment as I destroyed so many plants premature due to some prick bastard breeder selling me bunk HERM females that I didn't catch spraying their love juice on my ladies until it was far too late to save anything close to a sensimilla crop. The temps range from 67-80 deg F and hum is 30-65% RH. The timers are individual which could present a problem but haven't yet. I don't fire both lights at the same time, the power draw is close to my limit so the MH is on 11 and off 13 while the HPS is 12/12. the times on the timers are checked daily along with the temp and hum. I feed Fox Farms at 50-75% strength in flower every other watering (weekly one water and one feed) I do week 4 thru week 11/12 and flush with sledge hammer until they are ready to harvest-usually only 2-5 days of flush.

flower room 1.JPGflower room 3.JPGflower room AC unit.JPGflower room lights.JPG
Yes I know the yellow light blows but I didn't have time to put them under the pretty light to take photos today. in picture 2 I will name the strains from left to right front row first then second row. Acid, ak-48, bubblelicious next row left to right is acid ak-48 and acid again. first row is 3 weeks younger then the back row. each row reps a 3 week interval. I will up that to 4 the n5 plants per interval since I'm way under plant count and have the extra space and watts-as stated above a seed explosion happened and jacks me up so I'm rebuilding.

The journey:

I'm actually following 3 ice plants through the process on here. They were cut 7-8-12 and rooted. they were transplanted the first time (T1 from here on out) on 7-21-12.

Ice babies week 1 B.JPGice babies week 1.JPG
Their names are ice 3, 4 and 5. Not a new plant or strain just a new record keeping system. This should take about 4 months to get to the final smok report for these plants should everything go well. Vacation coming up so right away on my first journal I'm trusting someone to water them for me within the first week of the journal! I haven't left this system in over 2 years for more then 2 days so wish me luck! When I return I will come up off some better flower room pics and update the journal plus shoot some more of the room like my neat-o ghetto zipper door and collection of organic shit. literally it's shit and a big collection at that, at least I think so....for shit.


You obviously know what ur doing, lookin forward to seeing this journal progress!
I've been thinking about getting some AK's to, did the 47 a few years back and that was some fly smoke, this might just convince me to get it ;)

I cant see any pics neither though..

Keep up the good work bruh!

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My AK-48 is from Nirvana and I don't know about it yet. It started turning purple almost right away in flowering and being it is the first run thru I don't know if that's a pheno or if I'm not meeting it's needs. my temps are a little low at night so it may be triggering a natural purple hue I guess. We will see, it's not blowing me away as far as speedy hard nugs it stretches like fucking taffy so far! I plan on doing some lab testing as the journals come out too so I can have numbers and pictures to go with the strains I got. Ice rules and Acid is a heavy producer and feels potent too bubblelicious is bullshit and AK-48 is a big-ass ????? so far. stay tuned hopefully I figure out this picture shit and get the journal rolling along. Thanks for watching.

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clones we are following ICE week 2.jpgHere are the clones we are following after about a week. ICE roots like complete shit so be ready for a long wait with these
fresh cut clones week 2.jpgveg room and clones week 2.jpgveg room week 2.jpg first pic: clones I cut waiting to leave for my trip-1 week old jsut getting the starts of some root nubs. second and third is the veg room minus the 2 plants I moved to flower, actually you can see the acid plant and the AK-48 in pic 2 furthest left not under the light. the rest are the moms and cuts waiting to flower from last week. Lots to do now that I'm back but it's looking really good for not having daddy looking in on them daily for a week.
zipper door.jpg Here is my zipper door. it's a double up, another zipper inside there. I got to clean my drying chamber/room/closet thing up before I show it.

Thought I saw a mite, pretty sure it was a mite but we've been there before so the whole room got a mighty wash before I left and upon super detailed microscopic inspection.....nothing. 2 more weeks of washing once a week and checking like a crazy meth head looking for meth mites and I can relax again. MW is good stuff to have on hand. anyway-hope you all enjoy; only about 5 more months maybe 6 and we'll be at the end of the whole journey for the ice cuts. she's a slow veg kind of lady not to be rushed.

the flower ones are just flower pics in orange. when I cut them at the end of august I'll post a blue pic of the final process until then jsut complain aobut the orange light and call me a tool.


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ww harvest plate.jpgww harvest.  day 59 days.jpgTold ya my camera was crappy!!! Here is a white widow I just harvested. it was premature going in to flowering so it's a little small. I get that purple color cuz I drop the temps to 65 at night for the last week and a half, the color comes in really nice I'm sure it helps NONE for the high or flavor or anything but I like it. dry weight is only going to be about an oz because it wasn't vegged but 13 days, I was in a rush to put something in my stop gap. there you go color pics of flowering/flowered bud. better then the HPS orange. full update on the grow this weekend. I was out of bud, like OUT so I plucked some and vaped it up. That sesion prompted me to cut her at only 60 days. shes usually a 65-70 but I think being small and a premature flowering plant it finished a little early.

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ITs working thru the lean times but the yeild was off FO SHOW! the next ones will be better. 1-2 weeks and I will have a prototype AK-48 and an acid plant. Acid is a lovely lady and this AK48 looks like a complete ripoff of my widow (same breeder, and not one that gets high marks around hereLOL) but til the flame licks the lady we don't know what she will do! here is to hoping for the AK, thanks for following Glad!

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Love the widow for workouts, I can't sit still on this stuff. personal fav, all the people I know are all about the indicas but a few are coming around. I think it's the clean house after a bowl and not having to remember how it happened.