My first grow, comments/help would be appreciated


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I just moved these to a 130 14000k cfl and this is day 7 from planting seed. They are in coco/perlite. i have been adding very light nutrients from day 4. Are they doing alrite? could i be doing anything better?



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Too early for the HID, I always like to transplant early. I get them into the pots their going to stay in for their duration. It just seems to cut down on transplant stress (especially if they are auto). Auto's in my experience do not do well with transplanting. One thing this game will teach you is patience. Just relax and enjoy the process. Good Luck and Happy Smoking :bigjoint:


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As long as his HID lamp is far enough from the plants it's fine, most people don't do it because fluorescents get the same job done but are more efficient and give off less heat. I usually wait until flowering to use HID lights.