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    mjizzle Active Member

    Hello, Im posting this to help others who my be looking for experience reports from someone who used pure cbd. I was interested because ive suffered with different mental problems including insomnia, depression, delusions, anti social and more. Also I was a big pot smoker and I grew up around it. Smoking daily leads me to all the above problems and also paranoia. So you can say im one of the few who have problems from it possibly due to my usage at an early age before 13.

    So I got some pure CBD oil (not going to say source I don't want to be accused of affiliation and I don't want to promote this source cuz there way to expensive anyway.) I took it recently and after using it for 2 days I wrote a short report. Its not the best report because im no scientist or anything I just wrote what i could come up with.

    Saturday morning feeling angry, anxious, negative thoughts, life feels like a burden, depression. I take 1/2 gram oil orally aprox. 90mg CBD within the first hour im little more relaxed. Within 3 hours mood lifts, relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the night followed by a good 7 hours of sleep.

    Sunday morning awake feeling ok alittle groggy. I take 1/2 gram oil orally aprox. 90mg CBD, seems to take a few hours to take full effect. uplifted mood for most of the day and feeling of relaxation. Feels like the after effects of smoking marijuana. Seems to last a good 8 hours or more. relaxation even seems to stretch out into the next day even without a dose.

    Positives Relaxation, uplifted mood

    Negatives can cause laziness, unknown long term effects tolerance diminishing effects worsening of symptoms ect. EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE at $25 per 1/2 gram dose.

    So that's what I got for now. I also wanted to start this thread to maybe add to it if I continue to use it. This may take some time since I will not be paying for it at its current price I would have to acquire it by other means and im not in a good medical marijuana state like Cali or Colorado. I am smart tho and I can acquire this one way or another for far less and probably far more potent as far as CBD to gram ratio.

    I am afraid of the long term effects. Im not afraid of it harming my body im afraid it will only have short term effects which will fade or stop working and then when i stop using it im far worse then I was before I started. This could mean me loosing my job.

    Think thats it for now if anyone has anything to add that would be cool.

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    Thanks for the excellent report!

    Anyone in any State can purchase CBD oil that is made from the hemp plant, from a company called HempMeds. They also have a tincture and chewing gum. It's still pretty expensive though.

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    mjizzle Active Member

    yea its way to expensive and the gum isnt potent enough to get enough mg of cbd. You need to grow a high cbd low thc hemp plant and make your own oil and this is what im thinking about doing. Maybe in the next few years the price will drop and the potency will rise. I rather them make it with colorado grown industrial hemp then over seas.

    snoyl Active Member

    Can anyone recommend a high cbd/low thc strain?
    I have social anxiety disorder and since xmas have become really depressed and very irratable.If anyone knows the best strain Id be much obliged,kinda at the end of my tether.Ive been told a good indica?I have a good kush going but I know this will be very potent thc-wise

    mjizzle Active Member

    Theres several... if your looking for high cbd low THC you have to look at specific strains not INDICA. Alot of the indica strains seem to have high thc and usualy less then %1.0 CBD. There maybe some with %1.0 - %1.5 and that might be a good try if you can find that.

    Otherwise your main strains known for high CBD low THC are Cannotonic, Harlequin, sour tsunami, theres some more just check out or google search "high CBD Strains" Those 3 are usualy 1:1 ratio liek 5% thc %5 cbd

    Theres a couple that are high CBD Very low THC like R4 and charlotte's web

    PS let us know if it helps you if your able to get ahold of any
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    Kdog3571 New Member

    I am a MMP in MA and my caretaker makes me CBD tincture for my chronic low back pain. I usually have severe pain, that radiates down my legs and into my feet. It's accompanied with tingling and numbness. I work in a field where i could never go to work stoned, and was looking for a way to control my pain during work hours without using narcotics or being high. I found out about CBD tinctures and have to say that it has been a god send to me. It gets rid of the pain down my legs within an hour or 2 of taking it. It doesn't completely take my back pain away like smoking does, but it makes my pain manageable and gets me through the day. I would highly recommend it for people who have any form of neurological chronic pain.
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    themilehighman New Member

    One of friends had been dealing with almost daily epileptic seizures until heard about the miracle of cbd oil. Read more information about Cbd oil and watch a beautiful video on:


    indicat33 Well-Known Member

    We recently acquired a high CBD medical strain from Paradise Seeds called "Durga Mata II" . THC content = 7% while CBD = 8.5%. We got this because both my finace' and I suffer from anxiety / depression /Bi-Polar disorder- and she also has autoimmune disorders. We are currently 2 wks into flower and will be posting a full report when cured. My girl, who is also a member on RIU, aka "Cannabis Kitty" is planning on making CBD oil out of the aforementioned strain. I too saw these capsules for sale online and they are indeed prohibitively EXPENSIVE. So, in conclusion we will be making our own oil in the near future. For anyone interested, here is our garden of Paradise Seeds Durga Mata II (CBD strain) :
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    mjizzle Active Member

    im interested in the effects it has on you once you been smoking it for a while. cheers

    jsandler8426 New Member

    Sorry, total newbie... I have heard that you can get high levels of CBD from the HEMP plant versus the MARIjUANA plant. The article I read said that it still has THC in it, but the level is so low that you could not only buy it all states, but it will not even show on a urine test.

    Can anyone else confirm, deny or educate me on this? I know this thread is old, but the subject has just been resurfacing as the laws have been changing in regards to cannabis.

    mjizzle Active Member

    yes you can buy it online it wont show up in urine test and if you buy from a reputable source you will get effects. however its really expensive and not really reasonable right now
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    Wolfeyes92 New Member

    I know this is an old forum, but do you mind answering a few questions of mine.? You see, I've been suffering from crippling anxiety/panic attacks and depression for most of my life, and I've tried my fair share of antidepressants and antipsychotics and none have seemed to help my condition. Lately, I've resorted to smoking cannabis just to help which is still bad because I have asthma. I'm finding it harder and harder to make it through the day without crying or snapping. (I've also had a stint in rehab for self-harm because of such turmoil). So, Im considering on giving CBD oil from HempMeds a try. What dosage do you think will be ok for me and who would be best to discuss this with, my primary care doctor or a psychologist.? (Ps. I also have arthritis and epilepsy). Please and thank you

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Ky passed hemp and this year was the second year. Do a search on some Ky hemp cbd products. I can't vouce for a company but there are a few.
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    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    You should just call the company. They will answer all of your questions. They know much more than any of your doctors.

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    Wolfeyes92 New Member

    Thank you for the advice :)

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    So I got some "pure CBD oil"

    sorry that I doubt your story...but sadly... I certainly do.

    Pure CBD oil...? Not likely!

    and telling people you did and this is what happened is PURE 100% BULLSHIT my friend.

    It was not PURE CBD oil I'm afraid.

    sounds like a mad science experiment.
    sorry man.... telling people the effects of CBD when you have no clue is sad.
    so please stop!!!!

    HEMP CBD oil is "snake oil" by comparison!!!! to real CBD oil "ratios".

    DO NOT BUY!!! "Hemp CBD oil"
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    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    That article was published more than a year ago. I know Eric Steenstra, the head of HIA, and he has since changed his tune. At that time, there was no distinction between the terms hemp oil and hemp seed oil, and Eric has said that he was confused.

    So it is actually you who is spreading misinformation about CBD derived from hemp.

    Did you know that the Stanley brothers have admitted that Charlotte's Web is actually a strain of hemp?

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    pt1232 New Member

    I recently dropped $100 on a 1 ounce bottle of Charlotte's Web Hemp Extract - 500 mg MCT Oil. Can you give me any idea how fast I should be experiencing any sort of relief from debilitating pain?
    Huel Perkins

    Huel Perkins Well-Known Member

    I see you deleted my posts from this thread lol.

    The term hemp today just means low THC cannabis...

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    I don't see that your post was deleted in this thread.

    Hemp has always meant low-THC cannabis. The Stanley brothers finally admitted that Charlotte's Web is actually a strain of Hemp, or at least a cross using Hemp.

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