My doctor won't help, what do I do?

Discussion in 'Vermont Patients' started by Fedora, Feb 13, 2012.


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    Yeah, I quality under the "debilitating medical condition" terms.

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    Well I think you will get a return call at some point. I know it was difficult to find a place here in WA when I first got my recommendation...I wish you the best of luck in finding some help and ultimately being able to medicate legally in your state.

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    im happy i saw your post i suffer from a varicocele as well and your right it is very painful and keeps me up at night sometimes too. But when ever i smoke i dont feel any pain at all for at least a day or two its the only thing that helps, there was a month where i was smoking constantly and i didnt feel it that entire time. I dont want the surgery either because like you said i dont want to get my balls cut open either i saw video on the surgery and it was so graphic i felt like i was going to faint im not squemish about blood usually but it looked like a castration i realize that there are other ways that dont involve being cut down there but i have read about countless problems it can cause after the surgery and i read on some blog that a guy who had the surgery said that your not supposed to have sex/masturbate for one-two months or it can screw up the surgery you already had. Some people say that its just in my head that i dont feel the pain when i smoke but that is not the case like i said about that month where i was smoking constantly i had zero pain and then i didnt smoke for like 2 weeks cause i was really low on money and it was really dry in my town and those 2 weeks were very painful. Even today for example i havent smoked today and my balls hurt right now while im writing this, alot of people also dont understand how painful it i it feels like you have just been punched in the balls, anyway its good to hear that other people feel the same way

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    I lost my most updated post which described my efforts to get help form various government departments, so I'll recap quickly:

    I called 211 (VT's equivalent of 411), the Departments of Health, Public Safety, and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, and I even tried the Commisioner's office for the Department of Safety. Each place I called either referred me to another department or flat out couldn't help me. I also lost the post about the letter I received from the governor's office. He got back to me a few weeks after I wrote him a letter and said the following:

    My next approach was to write up a note about my issue, reiterating just what signing the form entails. I also got a copy of my medical records and printed out a copy of the letter above, and I included all the information in a large manila envelope. I just got back from handing the packet over to the receptionist of my primary doctor. Hopefully she'll go over it and have a change of heart. Hey, you never know!

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    Here in Vermont there are not many doctors who will sign them in order for you to be on the registry. I go to the Center For Pain on Tilley Drive in S. Burlington....a lot of the docs there will sign if they believe it's for your own good. You as the patient need to speak with them and find out what they think. If the docs there say they agree with you and they think mj will help then they will fill out and sign it for you. You need to be a patient with them for a minimum of 6 months!!! If you're just starting to go see them, wait several months before bringing up mj, let them know that you are smoking it illegally...there's nothing they can do to you and see what they say in return..................

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    Wow, thank you so much! I looked them up online and they're quite a drive for me (almost 2 hours), but it would be worth it if I could get my card. Thing is, I have a copy of my medical records and after looking it over it's pretty obvious that I'm trying to get medical marijuana, so they'll see it right away. Plus there's the fact that I'll be trying to see a doctor 2 hours away from where I live, so they'll be curious why. I'm wondering if being up front and frank about my motives would be a good thing? Hmm...

    Here is their website:

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    Hey, Fedora, how goes your quest?

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    Have you tried chelation? You can use Chlorella. You might also investigate RNA drops

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    It's been years since I posted here, but I got to thinking about this place again and decided to drop by. I was finally able to get my license from my doctor. It took a year of nagging and I had to bring research papers in to convince my doctor that it was safe. She had so many cliche reasons why medical marijuana was bad, but I debunked all her concerns. Luckily for me, she was open-minded enough to give it a shot, and I got my card in April of '14. Now over a year later, I'm switching to growing for myself, which is a whole other endeavor.

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