My current 4 x 4 grow

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    Aby55 Well-Known Member

    Growing out some docs dank gods gift bx1 and the freebies that came with them
    Franks gift x prof. Moriarty
    Started with 5 of each in my 4 x 4.
    The light is a 1000 watt hps. Running a eye hortilux bulb.

    Honestly i lost track of what was what during the up potting.
    Im not to concerned about that.

    So far i have 1 female and tossed 5 males.
    Waiting for the last 4 to show preflowers.

    Im currently running the gh 3 part line until i rumrun out then i might switch it up and try other nutes. But i might stick with gh as ive had good results so far.

    Heres a shot of then at about 1 month into veg.
    Oh im in promix soil.
    Ill keep updating as much as i can. 0809181246a.jpg 0809181246.jpg
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    Aby55 Well-Known Member

    Bit of an update.
    So far i have 2 females.
    Heres a pic with lights on. Sorry i was lazy i wont make a habit of doing lights on pics. They drive me nuts
    Ive also started germinating 5 more gods gift.
    I set up my 400 watt in a closet i just painted flat white.
    Thsts it for now just waiting on the next batch of seeds to germinate.
    0811182136.jpg 0811182137b.jpg
    Sorry for the double pic.
    Any questions or comments are welcomed.
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    JAMO_Grow Active Member

    The plants look great, I shame that five turned out to be male.Keep us posted on the progress of the grow.
    Happy growing.
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    Aby55 Well-Known Member

    Small update.
    Pretty sure i got another female. So that makes 3 fems.
    I can make a good run with 3 but hopefully these last 2 end up fem aswell.

    I also got the 5 germing gods gift cracked and planted earlier today.
    Not sure if i mentioned it but im planning on using a fem from the 5 i just planted and leaving it under the 400 and pulling clones from it for the veg/flower tent.

    Thats it for now. Peace.

    JAMO_Grow Active Member

    Great news to hear that you have another female.
    Happy Growing.:bigjoint:
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    Aby55 Well-Known Member

    First off sorry for crappy pics my mh was on behind me.
    They are going good.
    A little over watered as my humidity has been crazy high for my liking. 70+
    70have no ac at the moment so im only running the dehumidifier a little here and there as it brings temps into the 90s.
    Also the seedling are starting to emerge.

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