Moving to WA and need some clarification on the MM laws

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    Ok, so I'll be moving to WA in the next few months and I have a couple conditions that qualify me for growing for medical use.
    But I don't completely understand a couple things and hoping you fine peeps could help clarify:

    (From "Those entered in the state's voluntary patient database may cultivate, in his or her domicile, up to 6 plants for the personal medical use and possess up to 8 ounces of useable marijuana produced from his or her plants. If the health care professional determines that the medical needs of a qualifying patient exceed the amounts provided, the health care professional may specify on the authorization that it is recommended that the patient be allowed to grow, in his or her domicile, up to 15 plants, yielding up to 16 ounces, of usable marijuana for the personal medical use of the patient."

    1) What exactly determines the "medical needs of a patient exceed the amounts provided"? Is it just up to a doctor's discretion or ? Obviously, I would like to be able to grow more than 6 plants so I could work with a few different strains. Is it hard to find a doctor that will allow you to grow up to 15 plants?

    2) Do I have to buy a card or is a written authorization from a doctor enough? I've read elsewhere that buying a card is not necessary but I don't know if this is true?

    3) And finally....I've read on here from other posts that having firearms on the property while growing is a no-no. What is that really about? You're telling me if I like to hunt, but want to grow...I'm out of luck? I'll be living with my uncle on his new property and he does not partake of cannabis. So is it okay for me to have my grow, while the firearms are licensed under his name?

    Thanks for you help!
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    If your Dr puts on your "medical recommendation" (there's no so called card in WA) you can have 15 then you can have 15 if not it's the lesser ask before you make an appointment what they write on your recommendation Green Wellness still puts 15 on them

    The firearm question I've heard people say that to but I have never seen it in the laws BUT research it for your self just in case don't believe what any of us WA residents say about laws we grow very fine cannabis and a lot of us are heavily medicated and a good chunk have never read one word of any of the laws

    I've read all of them front to back side to side but I'm not attorney and don't want to give someone bad advice

    Also some cities have different ordinances on growing so check with your city before you get into a bad situation I know Colfax has a no grow or somthing like that Pomeroy has some stipulations on outdoor grows exc
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    Wa. has a pretty ambiguous medical law. It's been several years, but I used to put on MMJ clinics in Wa. Back then there was no state registry. You got your recommendation right from the Dr. You should check with the T.H.C.F Foundation. They have Drs. I would also do some reading in the Wa. Papers.( Seattle Times) There is much controversy right now (just like in Or.) Medical vs. Rec. vs. Hemp. I'ts a mess!
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    thanks for the replies. I am really debating now whether I even want to be on a federal registry list for growing. I like the idea of being under the radar more and just take my chances.

    I'll be on 5 acres out in the country so not worried about getting caught really and I'm pretty sure there isn't a no grow ordinace with this long as I can control the smell with the greenhouse grow it'll be all good. only a couple neighbors nearby
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    The new authorizations coming out now are all changing to say 6 plants. Especially if you use the new form from Dept of Health. Using clinics will most likely get you a 6 plant limit. The registry is not a federal registry, but a state registry. If you choose not to be on it. Your plant count will be dropped to 4. Most medical patients will eventually be only able to obtain their medical authorizations from a primary care physician. Having your primary care physician give you your medical authorization will also be the way to get your plant count up to 15. It will basically be based on the md's opinion of your medical condition. The other way is to form a cooperative. You can get your medical authorization from clinics like patients 4 patients, evergreenwellness and BMC. They will cost you anywhere from 80-200 depending on the clinic. Your last question about firearms is a tough one. Their isnt anything that states you can or cannot, but you have to remember having any firearms around a controlled substance will always equal an enhancement in court. These are of course only my opinions and advice from reading and re-reading several times the I502 and SB5052 laws that are in affect and going into affect

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    Used to be an automatic 15
    They cut my buddies to less.

    I let the Dr know I grow for myself and another so I need to keep 10 in flower, some in veg and a few different varieties for stock.

    He let me keep 15

    There is a state registry coming and because my count is still high I will be required to register according to my dr

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    How easy is it to actually get a recommendation? is it similar to California?
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    Super easy never heard of a problem
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    Just got mine renewed the other day and got a few more then the initial "6" but not the full 15 though I would possibly be careful what you might tell the dr. if they give you more then six, due to them having to put down the reason why you need more then the six plants. The way I was told is mainly for those that are dire need or pain such as cancer or chronic pain for example and need a good amount in shorter time periods. Just a thought.

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