Moving Decarboxylation in a QWET Process to the beginning

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    This question is for producing an oral extract (RSO), that requires decarboxylation.

    A well published and simple process is to use a QWET extract to get a solution. Then cook off the ethanol using a magnetic hotplate stirrer. The decarboxylation can be achieved by continuing to gently heat the solution for a couple of days after removal of the Ethanol, until the small CO2 bubbles stop.

    However, a NOVA Decarboxylator from Ardent Cannabis, can decarboxylate in under 2 hours. Which sounds like a great time saver. But, and there is always a but, it's easier to decarboxylate in the NOVA when still on the bud.

    That would mean moving the decarboxylation stage to the beginning of the QWET process, before the material is frozen. Does anyone know if this will this negatively impact the chemistry in the QWET and cooking off stages, and result in a degraded extract?

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    It is harder to control, because you don't know for sure what you're starting with and no bubbles to watch for feedback. Besides less control of THC and bi products, it still works.

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    While it may be more difficult to decarb QWET in the NOVA, as I understand it, the process is still possible. Once the ethanol is evaporated away, the remaining QWET can be transferred to a silicon container and decarbed in the NOVA.

    flidget Member

    ok, thanks everybody.

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