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    Magic Mike

    Magic Mike Well-Known Member

    Anybody else here do this crazy brutal shit ? Feel free to chime in and post your pics of your treks or your bike

    I built this Ibis from scratch a few years ago,
    Mojo SL
    Mavic SLR's
    Fox Talas RLC
    Rockshox reverb post
    Sram XO triggers
    XTR crankset
    carbon lord bar
    zero friction ceramic hybrid bottom bracket
    w/ zero friction ceramic hybrid bearings all throughout.

    Shit floats at high speeds on the down hills over ruts and baby head rocks and tree branches, whatever.. fucking crazy nice bike


    I hit the Bay today and climbed this ridge~top starting at the valley streets below . Pretty brutal climb it took about an hour to get to that height then it was a cool nice straight shot all down hill back.
    Great workout !
    the beautiful sunny south bay.. peninsula in the background, silicon valley to the left..
    MTB Ridge.jpg

    Here is some other various Nor Cal shots around the ridges and the inlands. I'm gonna probably hit Santa Cruz Mountains for some cool beach views later this week..





    Skylor Well-Known Member

    The local ski lodge has one chairlift open in the summer for MB. I went once last summer--I'm in the "master" over 45 bracket, lol

    It was fun but more of a workout then I thought it be, on the 6th time up the lift I was out of breath

    My bike kind of suck, it has only 24 inch tires, my other bike has 700 wheels and too narrow....I need a nice bike with 26 inch wheels but I'm not investing in another bike at my age

    We didn't have ski places to MB at when I was younger..then again I had gas power dirt bikes in my teens, forget ski lifts, going up the hills was the most fun with a powerful bike

    StonedSandwich New Member

    beautiful views. Reminds me so much of the mountain bike track where I am in the Algarve in Portugal. Its a 30km downhill track from the highest point in the county, down to the atlantic ocean. will post a pic later
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    blu3bird Well-Known Member

    tmp_25538-20161023_133802374542124.jpg I love mountain biking, I ride 75-100 miles a week, twice a week I go to state land recreation area to ride a 14 mile loop. I just got this bike this spring, its nothing special, just an entry level bike. Only thing I've upgraded are the bar, stem and pedals, I'm going to get a new seat and post and possibly rims over this winter.
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    I do ride the trails..but not as full on as you crazy fkrs. Its a great hobby. I have an older Norco.

    Also allows me to get to and from my Gorilla one suspects a rider.

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member


    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I'm such an asshole. My Trek full suspension mountain bike has been patiently waiting for me for MONTHS now, and I live embarrassingly close to sooooo many great trails and rides.

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    lol, i thought it was either you or Meta who rode
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Well guys, thanks for making me feel guilty enough about it to dust the fuckin' thing off!

    No, really. Thanks.

    blu3bird Well-Known Member

    It's a good time of year right now for riding some trails, the weather is nice and brisk where I'm at and the trees are at peak color change. There's no way I'd let a nice Trek bike sit around and collect dust! Get out and ride man! Two wheels one love.

    McStickyLungs Member

    I enjoy long distance mountain biking, but for the most constant training (not affected by weather) I use an Assault Air bike for training it gives an even balance between upper and lower body and will more than prepare you for extremely long rides. My assault airbike has put up with a 40 mile/2000 calorie a day ride 6 days a week and has lasted me for two years straight. Careful buying the Schwinn Airdynes as they are not made by Schwinn anymore, basically my Airdyne lasted me 1 month. Keep the mind and miles high!
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    Bugeye Well-Known Member

    All you guys needing super nice light weight bikes with hi tech bullshit to do your ultra long rides are pussies. You want a real workout? Let yourself get out of shape like me and then go trail riding on an old piece of shit heavy small wheeler and you'll get the workout of your life in half the time. :bigjoint:
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    vahpor Well-Known Member

    2005 Giant Reign, 6" rear, 130mm front. Oldie, but goodie. Lets ride, I'm in SoCo.
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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    I took my sons BMX out once- never again..

    Older mountain bikes are great value on the second hand market,
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    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    Im a avid rider

    Yesterday on a ride back home from the store lost control doing a power skid that went snakey sending me over the bars knocking myself out.

    Came to on laying my back in the middle of road looking at the sky

    Then faded back off and faded back in got up dusted myself off looked both ways ... pushed the bike home dazed and confused.


    I was trying to burn out the rear tread before swapping it out..

    I got off lucky with just a wrenched arm and sore mellon,

    Going to try to be more sensible and avoid any crashes. Forgot till I moved that my neck is sore and jaw haa , so its my head neck jaw right arm and both thumbs feel like shit.

    Glad to be here

    buzzardbreath Well-Known Member

    So, me being old school I've been too stubborn to download the Strava app

    I finally did. I'm glad I did. I'm kicking ass and taking names on most the trails. Then again, I'm no slouch. Now all I do is try to compete with all the timed segments out there. Fucking technology is making me faster, but has distracted me from just enjoying the actual ride. I'm always balls out. I have no chill. It's annoying.

    buzzardbreath Well-Known Member

    That's some funny shit. If only we could rewind time for just a second.
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    buzzardbreath Well-Known Member

    oh, your bike looks like it lost its identity, or it made a new one
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    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    I liken the incident to a wake up call it had that effect I had thought my head was split open and not just shaken or was it stirred..
    I usually ride on the road so use road tread but also have a set of Mavic Minotaur xc race treads that are light grippy and old school.

    Ive been riding it for 17 years
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    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    I had grown complacent on shorter rides stopped wearing a helmet so the crash involved head to pavement contact I was skidding down a hill when i dumped it

    Its strapped on every ride now.

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