MMPR documenatation not recognized by law enforcement as "legitimate"

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm writing this today to let you know that law enforcement does not recognize MMPR documentation. Anyone is at risk of being arrested and going through what I am currently being forced to undergo.
    This is also a detailed account of my experience with Canada's Wonderland Security, York Regional Police, and the York Region Court System.

    It all started June 14th, 2014 when my friend and I decided to go to Canada's Wonderland. We arrived at the park, bought our seasons passes and proceeded to walk into the park. The day was going fine and I decided I was going to find somewhere to medicate as my back had started acting up. I proceeded to walk into the smoking section as to my understanding we have a right to medicate/smoke wherever smoking is allowed. Security approached me and had asked me to put out my joint. I informed them I was a medical patient and proceeded to show my prescription bottle, and documents. Security looked at them, and being a little confused by them the two of them called in to speak with their supervisor to seek their next step. After about five minutes of waiting and security watching me finish my joint they had received clearance from their supervisor and told me something to the effect of "ok, you are good to go".

    a couple rides and hours later....

    We walked outside the park to look for something to eat. I wanted to sit down and relax a bit before leaving to eat. Upon finding a spot on the hill I was medicating and security drove up to the road beneath us, got out and said the same thing the previous security officer was telling me. Same conversation was had except this time when I produced my bottle and documents he handed them back to me and said that was not what was required to show. He described a plastic, green card issued by Health Canada which would have my photo on it. I explained I had no idea what he was talking about and mentioned he might be confusing the card with the pink legal-sized document that was commonly issued under the MMAR. I explained I was under the MMPR and that under the regulations it only requires me to produce the bottle and/or the purchase receipt (I had more than this but still didn't suffice). This is when they had placed me under arrest and brought me to the buildings where they detained me for a couple of hours.

    - York Region Police Show Up -
    I'm issued a notice from Security that I'm banned from Wonderland for life for committing an illegal activity on private property, and I'm told my seasons pass is no more.
    My rights are read by YRP and I am placed under arrest.

    - Transferred to YRP Station-
    Booked, briefly interviewed, and detained for another 6 hours.
    I was transferred to a holding cell in one of York Regions police stations. From there I'm really unsure what took so long but I essentially sat in a cell for the remainder with them checking up on me only a couple times and I never got to finish my conversation with duty council. Part way through they spoke to me about how I obtained my prescription. I explained the process as is to my knowledge. Get your doctor to sign; send signed medical document to the company; company verifies; receive call allowing me to order; receive welcome package which I had everything from on me.
    Continuously told that the documents I had are not legit, and anyone could print them off of a computer.

    -First Court Date-

    Speak with Duty Council. He explains that given my documentation this whole thing should get dropped and I get scheduled next day in hopes for early resolution.

    - Second Court Date Next Day-
    go speak with Duty Council (different guy today). I explain what the guy yesterday said so he asks to see what documents I would be showing the courts. His immediate response upon seeing the documents is "oh, so I see you've brought me something printed from the internet?". Apparently even the guy who is supposed to be helping me is in disbelief of the documents.
    He rescheduled me for later date for me to get further documentation. "What further documentation can I get?" I asked.
    the response was not reassuring as he said the prosecutor made mention of a Health Canada certificate and said if I could produce that everything would be dropped.... My only problem is I have never received any documentation. No one is aware of documentation given out through the MMPR LPs and all they are asking for is documentation I cannot get.

    As far as I'm concerned ignorance is not an excuse of being above the law, so why is it that those who enforce it can seem to be ignorant of such?

    No call was ever made to the emergency number from anyone involved except me to see if such had been done.
    In speaking with the representative on the emergency line I asked what they could do to which they sent me a document stating what day my authorization with them was valid from, and till. The only problem with this is the signature is a photocopied one and is not an original so it looks like "something printed from the internet"
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    That sucks man, they better get educated on the new regulations and figure out a better way for patients to identify themselves, as the current system can be abused rampantly, but that doesn't mean legitimate patients like you should be treated like that. As far as I know, and according to HC regulations, law enforcement officers are supposed to call in to your LP and verify that you are a patient with them, and LP's are required to provide this information when requested within 72 hrs. Other than showing your prescription bottle and purchase order, I know of no other way to prove you are a legal MMJ user at the moment, so if they don't accept this then sue them or some shit :S
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    haha ha ha , I would never hand anything to a "security guard" in the first place I would show the bottle and say if they have any issues with it to call the police. anyways with you the police were just as bad as apparently none of them received the memo of health Canada changes hahaha like it hasn't been on the news.

    I wouldn't even get a lawyer but would make dam sure some fuck called health Canada and you supplier. weird seems almost like something made up, shitty thing if that really happened. anyways lots of bullshit and when your finally cleared I would ask if they could make the park give you an official apology ... hell this actually sounds like a law suit you could sue both the park and the police.
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    Normally I'm not one for suing people but if this is true I say let this go to court all the way and really fuck shit up. Also the police have very little info on what they can do with MMAR/MMPR as last week a customer of mine had cops come to his house because of neighbour problems with BnE's. When they came in to his house they smelled weed. He was like I have a license to grow. Cop was "I don't care about that" meaning he didn't care if buddy was still growing. There's so much confusion legally that the cops are not bothering with the possible headaches that would arise from 100's of being busted and in the system. Mind you not everyone thinks the same but shows you the legal uncertainties with what the gov has done so far.


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    simple solution....don't smoke in public...goto your vehicle...don't flaunt your authorization...common sense
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    Please keep all court docs/all evidence of what happened to you and send it to the lawyers in the Allard case! Your experience will go to the reasonableness of the MMPR and should totally be brought up in court.
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    Sue the park for sure, since no crime was committed! You may end up with a lifetime pass, some cash, and a "THCninja day", where they close the park and only allow in you and your "buds".

    I would look at John Turmel's kits since it sounds like your charges are still pending. Maybe you will also end up with a Section 56 exemption! :)
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    OKLP Well-Known Member

    We should not be forced to hide in a vehicle, we need some "Don't leave your patient in the car" stickers...
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    ken Reyklin

    ken Reyklin New Member

    They are hoping you plead guilty or hire a lawyer and spend money,don't hire a lawyer,contact John,he has help lots of people like you and me fight these pricks and he does it for free
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    johny sunset

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    Medicating in your car is the worst place to do that. You could get a impaired ticket and loose your drivers license. Even if your not driving . Just by having your keys puts you "in care and control of your vehicle" and that's all some hero cop would need to press charges.
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    nsbudca Well-Known Member

    what producer do you go through? can the RCMP not call the number on the bottle and the producer tells them that you are in fact a medical patient?
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    its the same rule as drunk driving. DUI is a DUI, my old man has caught a couple, for pot and alcohol and they were dealt with in the same manner. buddy of mine got hammered at his friends bachelor party and slept in his car overnight. he woke up to a cop banging on his window, he had no liquor in his car or anything, cop still charged him.
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    nsbudca Well-Known Member

    yeah really, it would have been fine if he had taken 10 dilaudid....don't smoke a doobie though.
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    more details on this would be much appreciated. I've looked into making a GoldStar Claim but what exactly is a Section 56 exemption?

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    should have saved or copied that Pink piece.

    You need your Doctor to back you up. Simple shit really. This could have stopped the first visit if you had taken the time to prove your innocents???!!! :roll:

    Someone call a Wambulance! :lol:
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    mojoganjaman Well-Known Member

    I suppose if you aren't smart enough to realize your authorization will not protect you from an impaired....ok....myself, I medicate at home and on the private beach out front....if on the road my wife drives...simple solution to avoid the gestapo....hth

    edit: what is a guy with a bad back doing riding amusement rides....kinda counter-productive, no???...after suffering degenerative disc disease since '83, an amusement park ride is the last place I wanna b

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    Someone said that they had their license taken from them when the cop found out he had meds on him.
    He let him keep his meds. Cop kept his license though...said, ,,, you can file a report when you come get your licence in the morning.
    Enjoy the Taxi ride ...and pick your car up from the impound. :lol:

    Good day eh ;)
    The Hippy

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    Well to me the OP here has been fucked around royally. I can see the security at Stupid Land not knowing the score, but the cops being this stupid....come on. Something doesn't seem right here. Seems a pretty big story for the small thing that really happened. Are we getting a true story here. This sounds to ridiculous to be true.
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    The Hippy

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    And if it was true, to me the law suit seems very clear here. I have never heard of being booked into a cell for a simple possession charge this smelling fishy.
    I'm on the fence on this yet.
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