Migraine and weed

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    I’ve had a migraine since Nov. 5th 2017 and the only thing that seems to cut the pain is pot. I get the typical auras, however I also get black dots and flashes of light that are auras also but they go away when I smoke and then come back on the “come down” any ideas why this might happen? I’m seeing an ENT, Neurologist, and my primary care doc. I’ve had an mri and I’m getting a ct scan of my sinuses to see if they’re causing them but since I’m getting theses constant dots and flashes I doubt it. PLEASE HELP!

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    Geez, I am very sorry to hear how bad your migraines have gotten. I am in the very early stages of trying to breed a strain for migraines because my wife also has them and her prescription meds don't always work. And she has also been to specialists and has gotten extensive testing. But one strain that often helps is Granddaddy Purple. So I grow a lot of GDP and strains that have GDP genetics (like Godfather Purps or Purple Punch), and I am planning to cross it with other "purple" strains to see if I can create a strain that works even better than GDP. Like I heard that Purple Gorilla is supposed to be good for migraines and I almost scored some Purple Gorilla clones but the dispensary ran out, I guess. And my wife tried some Purple AK-47 and she said it was great for her aches and pains, but she didn't have any migraines at the time, just more like "old person pain."

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    Shrooms are known to not only cure but ward off migraines and cluster headaches. Doesn't even have to be enough to trip. A micro dose every few months is said to do the trick
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