Microgrow -20inchx20inchx4ft SF600 qb LED -1st grow (discussion thread)


Not sure how this works, but here is my journal I've been updating for the past few weeks. A two plant grow currently but I think I might have a male, my very first one. Open to all advice/criticism!


the suspected male, day six flower:IMG_0484.JPG
I got the same setup, first time grower. I feel bad for my Northern Lights girl, I have made a lot of mistakes on her. She is my sacrifice to the learning gods. The biggest lesson learned is keeping her size controlled. It didn't take long to fill up the small tent once into the flower stretch. I've bent, tied and bonded her but she's still touching my light. She has been shocked and stunted a few times. She is 45 days into flower and still has very small colas.
My next one will be a NL also, only a feminized seed this time. I'm gonna put her in a 3 gallon Vivosun grow bag with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. I have the Fox Farm soil nutrients trio but not sure how often I should add them since the soil is supposed to be a seed to harvest soil. I've also heard that your supposed to flush the soil every so often as well, not sure though. The soil is pH balanced already so I assume I need to match the water pH to the soil before watering. Lot of research still ahead of me yet.


That was my biggest problem for this first grow, I let veg go too long. Plants literally do double in height, I didn't believe it until I saw it. My (I thought) beautifully trained plant started looking like a leggy mess in flower, but I'm happy it's still going strong.

I see you're running a 300watt light, is that actual draw power? I think lower wattage lights like mine (SF-600, 75watt draw) allows the plants to be closer without burning, but it may have also contributed to my stretch.

Is temperature a problem for you?

I updated with pics in the other thread if you're interested. Cheers