Michigan Medical Marijuana Act & Rules

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    Great sticky Stump!

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    Pretty much sums it all up. All your answers are there.

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    I'd say its time to update. :(

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    Umm ya,

    Cards are now good for 2 years.

    You have to have a real doctor do your certification.

    You have to have a drivers license or state issued ID to get your card and I'm assuming photos will be added now.

    You have to have your shit locked in the trunk of your car while transporting it..

    If I missed anything feel free to add to it..

    Did they pass the no patients congregating together in a group?? That would suck..
    Dr. Bob

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    Outdoor grows and no more telemedicine (or very limited), the latter will restrict access to certification in the rural areas.

    Passed at 4:20am this morning.

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    Details on outdoor?
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    Right in the bill, gives the whole blueprint for what is legal.


    Click that link and it will tell you want is what, effective 4-1-13. It is HB 4851, the bona fide relationship bill, what they reported in MLive was wrong.

    Dr. Bob
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    So as long as the public can not see your outdoor grow and it is secured on all sides it is legal. Cool..

    Don't transport plants in a vehicle with someone who isn't registered.. like a spouse or friend..

    I really don't have an issue with any of this, it doesn't affect me at all.. Not in a negative way anyways.

    Still waiting to read something bad, but really this clarifies some shit and people should be happy there is a set definition for some of this shit and if you follow it you will be safe, instead of wondering if you will..
    Dr. Bob

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    There were MANY good things in the bills, though I am concerned about the overall flavor of 34--- It seems more geared to assist prosecution rather than protect patients or promote access to the program or meds by patients.

    They are passed, it is time folks stop spreading rumors about them and actually start looking at what is REALLY in them, because that is what is required of you. You will find that many things that were 'open to debate' have been clarified. This should really protect patients and avoid the type of confusion that has landed many in the court system.

    I personally opposed all of the bills, and lobbied against them in Lansing. But the Act says it can be modified by 75% and they got it. So it is the new law of the land and done in accordance with the Act.

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    I don't have a lot of issues with the new changes. I still feel like there is no clear definition of the patient doctor relationship. I was happy to see clear rules on outdoor grows.

    Im just waiting for the McQueen ruling to come out, that will be the potential game changer for the state.
    Dr. Bob

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    It is pretty clear in 4851. Treat it like a regular medical office visit, with records, a visit, a note, and an offer of follow up.

    I'll write up something for my website and reprint it here this weekend explaining it all.

    Bottom line, it really doesn't change anything for me, but no more renewal by mail, no doctor clinics, no record/no problem just hand us your cash clinics. Going to get rid of most of the travelling circuses that weren't protecting patients in the first place. Overall, marijuana certifications just became more respectable in the eyes of the medical community. We have standards.

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    and bills to pay

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    How many outdoor plants will be allowed per patient?

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    true, AND they're protected in the situation where a non-patient is in your company (not in a car) and medicine is being used or prepared.

    At least that's how I read it. For example, your significant other can aide you in preparing oils, butter, etc, but not be part of the consumption.
    Dr. Bob

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    It doesn't change plant counts.

    I just read the passed bills, I am absolutely amazed at what a good job the folks working the reps did. No opening of the registry, the worse I can say about 34 (the one that originally gave access to crossing guards and everyone else in LEO) is that they changed it from 20 days to 20 BUSINESS days. Big freaking whoop.

    51 isn't bad either. Going to limit the access in the UP a little, but twice a month for live visits should be enough. My hope is that now that they know what is expected of them, more primary care doctors and hospitals will decide to participate in the program. I don't like the lifetime ban on some felons (10 years is enough) but it is far better than it could have been.

    The other two really are of no consequense.

    Dr. Bob
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    Oh, one other good note, the new condition panel met today and we have some new qualifying conditions. More on that later when they are in effect. The panel they were required to seat under the bills. And we have people on it.

    We need more PTSD stories to help them with their work.

    Dr. Bob
    Dr. Bob

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    Oh one other really cool thing. ALL the money from the registrations is going into a dedicated fund for Michigan Medical Marijuana. No more general fund. We'll hopefully get the staff, equipment needed to handle it efficiently, and maybe some educational programs.

    Overall, despite waking up to the shock of the passage of the bills, in their final form, patients are safer, know what is expected of them, and we got some real help in the form of new conditions, longer lasting cards, and MANY other things.

    So much for the doom and gloom, 4 visit a year, everyone is going to be arrested nonsense that some of the louder mouths out there have been spewing. Solid work at the political process and cooler heads made the difference with this one, with no small help from the voters in the last election showing the mood of the cities, states, and country.

    Dr. Bob

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    Dr. Bob,

    I see you're saying this is an overall win for the patients, but I'm failing to see how. I believe I read one of your posts regarding only 55 physicians in the state perscribing medical marihuana. What happens to the patient who's primary physician isn't one of those 55 physicians who feel comfortable making that recommendation? What do you suggest for them!?

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