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    ok so I have been wondering about these new rules being set in place here in Michigan. I am wondering as a medical marijuana patient and caregiver could I legally sell overages to the dispensaries? I have and will continue my google searches, but help with info. and links would be very much appreciated.
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    nothing has changed for you. It was never legal to sell outside of your five patient registry.
    be efficient and dont grow what your patients wont take.
    You could be more particular about patients, their needs and your registry, or you could cycle new/old patients
    in and out of your registry. I have a minimum monthly cash requirement in my farm share model registry while all patients receive their fair share of any extras produced
    Hope this helps.

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    I’m very selective on who I take on as well a few years ago I would grow out what I thought would be good and have some leftovers however I ended up with a good bit because they would only donate so much. Especially know your area where You live ppl don’t want to donate deal but want more and I’m very generous.
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    I'm demanding- regularly scheduled meetings, punctuality etc. Cancel two meetings and I've got replacements on a waiting list to slide in instantly without skipping a beat. I damn near give it away, with free oil, hash and overages all the time. Better be on time and do what you said you were going to do though.
    my biggest let down are those promising they need X every month/week only to find they never had one hit and done weed ...they find they need way less than what they said=replaced. Four solid patients for many years in a row now. One spot seems open to the putz patients full time I guess.
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    Lucky Luke

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    Justa random Q.
    How much in weight would an avg patient use per month of flower?

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    pretty difficult to guess that one. do we use stats from all people, then average that use among everyone, or how much does a user use compared to other users?
    should there be considerations for medical vs recreational users, or users of which qualifying conditions?
    What of the average cancer patient who needs a pound a month for their concentrate needs?

    I know daily users over the years that smoke a joint a day, while others smoke a joint an hour. I just dont think there is an average usage amount among users that can be pin pointed.
    maybe we could find the total amount of marijuana in the country, licit and otherwise, and divide it among all citizens for the right answer, or just among users that admit to using it?

    I used 3.5 pounds of bud for my personal needs in 2017. I use daily, sometimes hourly too. Some weeks a quarter ounce will do, while other weeks an ounce is necessary. When I need oil those numbers go up.
    Never had a patient need more than a pound per month while using oil, and never higher than an ounce a week unless sharing, maybe that helps?
    I have some patient spots I could open for 4 patients using an lb per month and one patient needing an ounce of oil per week. any takers?

    how much beer does the average person drink? pretty tough question there @ Lucky Luke lol
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    Lucky Luke

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    Fair enough, ur right a difficult Q to answer. I must admit it shocked me that some people use a pound a month.
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