Mephisto Forum Stomper

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    Yzfirecat Well-Known Member

    Been growing out this Forum Stomper under a 120w quantum board in my 2x4. She's looking great frosting up nice. Mephisto never disappoints that's for sure.

    IMG_20181123_214628_332.jpg IMG_20181123_214628_336.jpg IMG_20181123_214628_334.jpg IMG_20181120_183139_957.jpg

    casperd Well-Known Member

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    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    My guy Frank Nitty grew FS under QB as well. Might be worth compairing. Not sure the title as he has a few under auto section. Absolutely nice plant.
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    Pistil Kid

    Pistil Kid Well-Known Member

    Awesome strain great for daytime smoke, I grew one outdoors the yield was down on indoor with 2 - 3 Oz being fairly common. The end result was 38g but top shelf weed. Smell and nugget density was heavy. I found the stone great if you are thinking about happy things or songs it does intensify the well being felling imo I found myself smiling more usual.
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