Medical Growers dislocated due to recreational takeover in Washington

Discussion in 'Washington Patients' started by stco, Apr 26, 2016.


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    Now that all the medical shops are closing down, the medical patients have less options for medicinal-quality cannabis that used to go to brick-and-mortar dispensaries.

    The recreational laws seemed like they were all in favor of the pro-cannabis activists, but if medical patients don't have a good source for high-purity and high-potency, hand-picked grows, then this could actually work against a significant demographic of cannabis users in Washington.

    The growers at the medical shops and the growers at the recreational shops have always been distinct from each other in my experience.

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    Not to mention paying higher prices for the recreational schwag.
    blaze 57

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    From what I'm hearing now the rec 502 stores don't want to deal with the medical end of it. So if they don't where do medical patients go? and now I'm hearing about one of the rec 502 growers got fined for using chemicals that are outlawed. Time is running out. All medical stores have to be closed by July 1st. This is going to get real interesting. I suspect we are going to see a huge black market increase.
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    hells canyon genetics

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    Shits getting crazy real quick we all need to get together on this issue make a stand and get rid of this memorandum

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    Wtf is going on? Are the greedy fucks running things in the WA weed market STILL not happy with the mess they've made?
    hells canyon genetics

    hells canyon genetics Well-Known Member

    State takeover forcing the medical out
    blaze 57

    blaze 57 Well-Known Member

    I was in one of the medical stores in Spokane and they DO NOT have to close July 1st.....they got a three month extension. There is a lawsuit going on currently. This medical store is using the fact they have been open "X" amount of time and have invested "X" amount of money etc and have established themselves in the community. Evidently this got them the three month extension. This is not over by a longshot now. This three month extension gives us hope in the court room.
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    hells canyon genetics

    hells canyon genetics Well-Known Member

    If you would be kind enough to tell us what shop it would be much appreciated lots of people south of Spokane looking for med supplys
    Thanks HCG
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    blaze 57

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    Evergreen on 2225 e Sprague.
    hells canyon genetics

    hells canyon genetics Well-Known Member

    Awesome thanks
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    We can hope for the best or be proactive and ensure our voices are heard, if not, forget not to prepare for the worst and learn how best & safe ways to collect and process trichomes into medicine that works best for the patient. As a patient I am not sure I would trust that all medicine is clean and natural. I know the co-op that did operate under original rules which should of been kept and grandfathered for medical patients did everything naturally and organically and I could have peace of mind knowing that.

    Ultimately in medicine only the patient can authoritatively say what is working to bring comfort and healing to their bodies.
    in too many instances the state would have us submit to the norm in western medicine but deny any alternative choices.
    Umm, seems there okay with choice when it comes to sexual identity and preference but allowing choice of which path of medicine works best for our lives does not seem to me the same merit. . Something to ponder?

    I know I can say I learned a good deal from Ed Rosenthal's Beyond Buds, worth every penny, then some!
    So be prepared for worst, find trusted patients form alliances and do no harm which is the creed in practicing medicine and care.

    Much more to be said,
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    I'm in Eastern Washington, an currently my medical card is expired. An of course all the laws have changed. But I'm curious how many plants I can have at the moment. I know the state says anyone over 21 can have 4 plants. But does that mean, me an my roommate both can 4 each? or just 4 per house parcel?.. any info would be gladly appreciate ty in advanced!

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    blaze 57

    blaze 57 Well-Known Member

    I'll let you know Thursday....I have an appt to get my card renewed at Patients for Patients in Spokane. I have a ton of questions too. Its so confusing. I just don't have the time and patients to keep up with this complete non-sense but it appears around me the Black Market is still thriving MORE THAN EVER! due to these dummies in Olympia.
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    pass the pipe

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    Sorry but where do people get this statement from "I know the state says anyone over 21 can have 4 plants"? Washington doesn't allow recreational home grows... This is a misconception I've heard quite too often around me and it's quite bothersome really that no one's realized that.

    To answer your question(s), without a recommendation/authorization, zero plants. With said rec/auth, four plants max not being registered into the state database. With recommendation in hand you would go to any recreational shop near you that is "medically endorsed" which just means they take your picture and you pay $1 for an ID card to be entered into the database which allows you to grow up to your "recommended amount". For example I can grow eight as stated on my authorization, but without being registered that number means nothing, the state laws are there and state four max. Now being entered into the database allows any Card Holder to grow the normal amount allotted by the state which would be six, unless patient requires access to more then the states allotted (Cancer, Intractable Pain, Incurable type deal). Then can only you have up to fifteen if recommended by your authorizing doctor. Now this is of course how the law works on paper... In reality, some are able to get the fifteen straight off the top given like how some Colorado patients are getting away with astronomical limits such as fifty and above?... Obviously due to the states illiteracy to proofread their laws for possible loopholes.

    Designated Providers as far as I know are just that, can grow, transport, trim all that for you but cannot sit there and add your plant counts together. (two patients get together, one has 15 plant limit, other 6, together logically we think they can grow 21 together, last I recall only the max would be allowed for one person. In this example if both parties were to live there together, guy with 15 limit should grow given his higher limit. Same would go for two people with the normal 6 limit, they could not exploit it by being a "Caregiver" or "Designated Provider" in the same household nor could they have two separate grows tied to each other. Hope this all made sense. If not, example, I grow 6 and a friend is my caregiver/dp and he grows 6 for me also, no matter whether in the same domicile or not, this would also not be legal.

    Best source other then maybe a friendly conversation about MMJ rights and laws within state and also your city you reside in with your local PD, as it wouldn't hurt to ask as they also have city ordinances that can defer any state law as you would be in violation of your city law. Odd I know, but given where I live is a good one for that. We didn't allow Coop gardens or dispensaries even before the legal trend happened, even after the city still stands firm on no MMJ at all. So that leaves me with my own little bit of work to do just within my city laws not just state and federal on whether even a home grow is legal as a patient even.

    In a nutshell i502 was a sham, and the original medical law wasn't any better. In theory it helped yes. But reality wise, black market finds it easier to utilize for other reasons mostly just to line each others pockets. It's what's it's pretty much been all along. Every shop I been to pretty much was hit and miss on quality anything... It was sub par weed sometimes slapped with outrageous price gouging and never buy extracts or edibles. Pretty much if you had good bud on you and they (clinics) were interested would buy (donate) your "Medicine" for a appreciable exchange that just covered production costs... An we all know that was a joke in itself. Pretty much, the majority people given an opportunity ruin it for all and now we have big government stepping in, now we all want to back track as if it was any better? Without regulation of some kind or another there's no quality control nor this growing trend towards all the generated revenue we should be seeing... Where did all that funding supposed to go?

    There was just a thing on the news earlier about not a bit of the revenue going to prevention I believe? Point is, no matter who's in charge someones always trying to take the upper hand and make big $$$ when true patients suffer due to the strong demand for cannabis in a recreational sense instead of a more medicinal approach to it. An way to much emphasis on smoking when quite the majority of ailments could be treated without heavy sedation/medicated feeling. Except of course the select few and rare cases. But that's the way things roll given current activism movement and legalization not being on point for the people truly in that sense.
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    Great post Pass the Pipe! You covered this great. I called a few Rec Stores and that was the exact response I got several days ago. Looking around on Social Media the black market is thriving more than ever! I doubt law enforcement even bothers anymore.
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    pass the pipe

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    Haha ya given the way the laws written I found it odd given we technically/realistically have no other way to get access to even clones or seed without some kind of legal / illegal type of deal amidst? I I stopped by one of the shops go by once in a while and asked if I could talk to the manager about a few things (sourcing, mmj law changes, patient access etc.) Nobody was really concerned nor given my case here I was the only person to even ask about patient sourcing for clones / seeds while conversing with the manager about being "State Legal" within the law and have access to. Pretty much he stated an even more brilliant (loved how he emphasised, hand motions and all) explanation to how even the producers get plants / seed. Either from another producer, from their own premises (clone / seed production, or my favorite "They just fall out of the sky" meaning they just like us had to source from somewhere else banks or other means but all without first not being within the broken law given...

    Scroll to "How Do I get StartUp Inventory"

    What I find funny there is how theres no per say original vendor or legal way for even the first producer in the state to start with "legal" Seed / Clones defined at all?...
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    I know this is an old thread..That's mess up what you'l have to go thru.....Now i'm looking to move to Spokane as bad as you'll have it,i live in a state that growing 1 plant or having over 1 oz is a Mandatory Minimum Sentence GA look it up,over 60 no wife/children i'm not going to wait for the laws over here to change ..South is a different animal..So i'll make the change...It won't be tomorrow ,definitely before the year ends...Just want to be able to grow( medical/Cancer/Pain 8 rods in my back)...Any insight anyone can give me on Spokane (was most affordable) Will be appreciated..Hopefully from the time this was written that they took care of the situation with the medical patients....Thank you..Peace always....

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