Maxsisun's First Giveaway on Rollitup: Looking for a tester for MG3000

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Hello Growers!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and happy Monday! As a new sponsor on, Maxsisun will host a giveaway to SAY HELLO to the forum. You might have heard of or used Maxsisun products. What are your impressions, experience, reviews, or feedback about our products and service? Preach freely! Speak your mind! Whether you have or have no experience with Maxsisun, you’re welcome to this giveaway!

The features of Maxsisun MG3000:
① Uses top components with Samsung diodes and MeanWell driver with a bar light design. It is our most professional LED grow light that fits perfectly into a 3x3 ft space from seeds to harvest.

② HIGH EFFICIENCY: Empowering plants with plentiful and evenly PAR distribution without hot spot, the MG3000 consumes only 300 watts, offers a truly high efficacy rating of PPF per Joule 2.4 μmol/J.

③ EASY TO USE: Keep the same distance between plants and the MG3000. Adjust its brightness for different growing stages. We provide a PAR map including brightness, hanging height, and power draw.

④ FLEXIBLE DIMMING: A smooth rotary dimmer offers flexibility to reduce the amount of energy while reducing your electricity bill. It helps you master light levels from normal daylight to super bright.


First Giveaway for Maxsisun on Rollitup

1 PC MG3000 LED grow light

1. Follow us on Rollitup.

2. Share your plants' picture and text growing description (light, area, strain, plants days, etc), MUST tag #Maxsisun and #MG3000.

3. Each person can only post one participatory post per day (but you can post other discussions here).

4. No offensive words. No negative words. No other brand LED grow lights' shot or words. No Politics words. Peace and love first.

Pick winner:

1. We will select the winner in a random way.

2. Announcement Day: November 26th

3. The lucky winner needs to do: Share your grow journal with MG3000 on Rollitup.

Good luck! :D :D :D


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Looks like a decent 3x3 light. Would love putting it thru its paces while doing it for all RIU to see. Would be great publicity.
Skywalker Og, in 25gal. rdwc week 4 of flower. 400w led.

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Good luck to you, MG3000 is perfect for 3x3 tent, welcome to share your plants with us every day. #maxsisun
You girls loos healthy under the light.
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