Mars vs Timber Grow Lights

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    Lebowskijoe420 New Member

    Hello everyone I am making this to show a real comparison of this 2 companies, I dont work for them or anything related.

    - Mars II 900w
    - 80x80x170cm
    - Humus, guano and sugars for feeding
    - 5 Plants each time, up to 480g dry, lst train
    - 1 year of use before selling it, buyer got half a year before having issues, mars sent replacements and still going good.

    - 300 watt Citizen CLU048 (6) COB Kit
    - 100x100x200cm
    - Humus, guano and sugars for feeding
    - 7 Plants and growing now, 1 month of veg, lst train.

    Ok so that is so far and I will be super honest. So far the veg in the mars was better but the timber is doing really good also, the customer support of mars is just insanely good, timber so far is just ok.

    What I want the most is to see what happens on the yield area and sure many are waiting for the same, so will let you know ppl!

    Anyone know how to check the little leds inside the cobs to know if they are all working? That is something that I liked about old leds.

    Hope this is helpfull to someone, cheers.

    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

    If the LES is damaged on the cob, it should be visible both when it's lit and off.

    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    Are you running clones of the same strain? What's the actual wattage of the mars?
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    Wilksey Well-Known Member


    What is it really pulling? 430W at the wall?
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    GroErr Well-Known Member

    This is a new member posting for the first time and flogging MARS shit, or is it crap, oh wait, it's both!

    j.t.1986 Well-Known Member

    i think youll find you like the timber light better. the finished bud quality is superior in every aspect.

    last grow i did with a timber in one cab @30w/sqft and a mars reflector series in the other cab @60w/sqft... timber cab made way better bud lol.. did several grows with both lights, cob always wins.
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    Lebowskijoe420 New Member

    thanks for the reply, not sure how I can see that when they are so small
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    Lebowskijoe420 New Member

    I dont do clones, only from seed and different strains, now is channel +. super skunk and durban poison, did the same with the mars, always different strains. The real wattage on the mars I read its about 300 and 400w.

    Lebowskijoe420 New Member

    its just the name, I think its around 300/400w, I am not really sure

    Lebowskijoe420 New Member

    Lol I am not a new member, I just started a new account and who cares? so many ppl have hundreds of posts and they never grown anything, I have been growing for over 4 years with hps, clf, mars and now timber, so fuck off troll ;)
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    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    Well then you're just contradicting your first sentence in the first post, how can this be a real comparison when you're not even running the same clones?

    Lebowskijoe420 New Member

    Will see, but maybe on the next crop, for this one I used bio bizz soil and its not working good as in the past that I used top crop or atami and I have some issues of heat because the timber puts out way more heat and I wasnt expecting that (also summer here now is super hot but its going away soon), but I will have many more grows with the timber. The timber looks better made and hope will last but the customer support was really bad, they wouldnt even tell me the hanging distances, only got this reply "look it up on forums" and I think I will need some crops to get it sorted out on distances, dimming the light and all around. They just started flowering so will update in like a month or 2 to say how its going. Thanks for the feedback mate
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    Lebowskijoe420 New Member

    Easy, you can see how plants develope and yield, does not need to be the same, its not a scientific comparison also, its just something I couldnt find when trying to get a new light, so here I am telling my experience with both. I call it real because Im tired of so many ppl talking stuff about lights they never even tried, always by saying "a friend", "my cousin", etc. Also now I am doing some repeated strains I used in the past with the mars and will do it again on the next runs.

    innerG Well-Known Member

    This forum is nothing but FUD when it comes to LEDs

    I’ve grown good bud under all kinds of them, Spectrum King, Optic LED and even a cheapo Viparspectra.

    You get what you pay for but you can grow some good bud with any of them if you know what you’re doing. More $ gets you more coverage and features like spectrum control, dimming, build quality, etc. Many people advocate building you own which is a good bang for the buck, but you have to understand that there are no warranties and few of those are weather-sealed.

    Go on YouTube and watch some PAR tests/reviews/grows if you want to get a good idea how different lights stack up.

    Here is some ‘shit’ I grew under a blurple Chinese LED, or maybe its ‘crap’:

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Ok then, I guess I'm a troll. I'm still calling you out as someone flogging MARS lights.

    BTW: I've grown under them and still run one in veg which is about the only place I'd use them, from experience. I tried them and did side by sides with them against other techs, for flowering they suck. For veg they do fine but I've vegged under incandescent bulbs so that's not saying much either.
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    RainDan Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Hi @Lebowskijoe420

    I saw your post and wanted to see if there was anything I can do to assist you. I don't recall our conversation, and none of the other customer support reps here did either, so I am unsure if you are mistaken. We take customer service very seriously, and would never tell a current, nor potential customer, to "look something up on the forums", especially with respect to the operation of our lights.

    If I can be of assistance, please contact me at [email protected].


    GroErr Well-Known Member

    You'll get along just fine in here, enjoy your temporary stay...
    My Name is Mike

    My Name is Mike Member

    Yeah, I'm calling you a fucking liar. I literally emailed @RainDan from Timber less than 24 hours ago with a few intensity and distance questions from a kit I purchased well over a month ago that I'm just now getting going. He replied in detail without any type of negative attitude or bullshit response. Not to mention a phone conversation that lasted more than 20 mins prior to my purchase that addressed all the dumb questions I had. I went through Timber because of that attention to detail.

    Also, never had any heat issues with my LED setup. You have zero credibility to me. I'll ignore the rest of the bullshit that spewed from your mouth.

    atomicDETH Well-Known Member

    I had purchased a 400watt Vero timber light and loved it my plants prayed in my 4x4, long story short broke up with my ex broke down my tent put the stuff in the basement until the next day when I could stop by and pick it up, she gave my stuff away to her brother. Struggling financially to replace it and so heart broken!
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    Lebowskijoe420 New Member

    Thanks for the post Dan, first I am sorry it was not exactly look it up on forums but on look it up on youtube, I call this bad customer support because I am an advertiser and comparing to what mars offered on support its a huge gap (and I mean huge, not a mean comment just honest), also I did not get instructions on the light at all, had to look it up on youtube.

    "No problem – I have just sent the PayPal invoice to that email address per your request.

    I do not have a video, but there are numerous ones on line that people have made on YouTube. We also include written instructions, although it is fairly self-explanatory.

    The kit you are purchasing will be about as effective (PAR wattage output) as a 600 W HPS SE light.

    I hope this helps.


    Thanks for posting here thou, I appreciate it and will update about how its going, hope its awesome and so far is going good.
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