Mandala seeds,Satori,Hashbery


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Here is my 2010 crop mainly from mandala seeds including :

satori : mandala seeds company,indicosativa hybrid ,regular,3 plants

Hashbery:Mandala seeds,Indica dominant,regular, 1 plant

White Widow:Nirvana seeds,regular,1 plant

Seedling Date 11/29/2009

For germination I put them directly into the rockwool (no soaking according to Mandala seeds).germination rate was %100.

I vegged them under T12 fluorescent for 10 days then moved them under 600 watt Metal Halide(conversion Bulb) for 18 days more and then switched the light to 12/12 in the end of fourth week.

I wanted to compare 3 part advanced nutrient with 3 part General hydroponics so Devided them in two group and at the end of the 10th day since advanced gave me much better result i swithed all of them to 3 part advanced nutrient with no other additives for the whole vegging process.

For bloom I swithed to connoiseur (AN) and added bud blood the first week and big bud the second week.

EC: Mike of Mandala seeds insisits that their strains do not need too much nutrient and he is absolutely right.They grow fantastic with EC of about
0.6 in my hydroponic system
1st week EC: 0.3
2nd week 0.5
3rd week 0.7
4rth week 0.85

And now in the third week of bloom EC is about 1 and PH has been fluctuating between 5.2 to 6.3.

Light: I switch between 600 watt metal halide and 1000 watt HPS every other day. they are both hang on a light mover and swithing between them is done by two programmable Timer.

I use Reverse Osmosis water with EC of 12 .

temperature is between 22 to 27 during the light cycle and 19 or more in dark cycle.

The room is peach black during the dark cycle.

I change the reservoir every 10 to 14 days and then use the nutrient for my outdoor garden . ( this summer our garden had some beautifull colorfull flowers and i could not tell to my neighbour what the hell has happened to my garden that is so healthy)!!!

I do not use extra CO2 .The ventilation is through fan that blows frsh air directly over the plants. I keep the Humidity around 40 to %60.

The temperature of the grow room( which i call it Therapy room) never exceeds 29 'C and never falls below 19.

Humidity is fixed and if it exceeds %80 during the dark cycle the dehumidifier begins to work but in reality it happens once in a blue moon.

Satori: I love this strain so far.It is a vigour and healthy plant that seems to grow tall ( i am trying to keep them short by using metal halide every other day which seems it is working since the stem thickness is way better than the height of the plants.).

Hashbery: is a dark green ,healthy,short,kind of bushy,noninvasive plant .When I rub my hands to its leaves i smell a toch of bubblegum in it but the bud's smell is still to come to be judged
about %50 of my satoris and %25 of Hashberies!! showed preflowers in the third wk of veg.

Almost all the taller ,stronger plants of both strains turned to male that was first dissapointing but when the females got the chance to shine they rocked.

By deleting males and weak plants i ended up with 3 satori,1 hashbery and one White widow (nirvana).

I do not train my plants.

Root formation Of satori is exceptional and hashbery has been the third best in my collection ( white russian being the second).

Adaptation of satori to available space is very smart and Hashbery is more about keep itself tidy and stirdy and short.

Both the strains are late bloomers and satori in special is behind at the moment compare to my white widow.

They seems to be very good heat resistant strains.

If every things goes smooth I will update you guys by weekly photos.

I deeply appreciate any comment or critisism or suggestion. I prefer to call myself ""Always newbie".

Peace for all the growers




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OK,its week 7 of flowering.

The room is full of White widow smell. Just one medium plant has dominated the whole room.

Hashbery: picture no 2,3,11

Its a 2 feet stocky, dark green plant, very beautiful to watch. Leathery leaves. short and very sturdy side branches.She has given 80 percent of its power to her cola which is ROCK SOLID.Very easy to grow during bloom.absolutely not a single problem with this single plant.

Smells like black currant even in 5th week.
Next time I will definitely trim first and second side branches. This plant loves its cola.and I think its bag appeal bud is guaranteed.Seems pretty easy to manicure.

Never fed her with more than 1000 EC and showed no sign of problem.I think it will end up for about 1.5 to 2 oz dry bud.

Too soon to judge about the quality or quantity but the sample I cured in microwave a few days ago was a delight to gave me drolling which I used to experience only with my White Russian.I dont think it a heavy yielder strain.its more quality than quantity.

I compare hasbery in grow the easiest in my collection (especially during bloom).Skunk#1 beat this strain in vegetative state but in bloom this plant was a blast to grow.

Clone taking should be the way for anyone interested in this plant.Loves acidic environment (PH less than 6).Mandala seeds company gave this plant 7/10 for the strength.I give 8 so far.

White widow:picture 6,7.

Its another delight to grow. dark green foliage. Thin stem and side branches that may need help in future.It has already filled up the list the breeder promised about ww.

Less than 2 feet tall. 65 percent cola 35 percent side branch bud weight ratio. Dominate smell of the garden so far. Never fed her more than 800 and no sign of problem again.Today the first pistils turned hazy.Possibly will end up for 1.5 oz dried bud.

Satori:pictures 4,5,8,9,10.

They are all about 3 feet tall. The indica pheno side branches are competing with the main cola!!! .Side branches are tall enough to reach to the main canopy .

Out of 3 plants one turned toward indica phenotype and 2 toward sativa.They are different in very aspects but yet look alike.The indica phenol has the thickest stem picture 4 and 5. she began packing about the end of week 6 the sativa phenol is still not packing but the resin formation of sativa phenotype is incredible( can compare to white family).
The smell of satori is not significant, it really smells like old school weeds of sampling yet .
It seems that they will need 3 or more weeks to ripe. Its tooooo soon to judge this strain but so far so good.
I guess for around 4 oz for indica phenotype and around 2.5 for sativa phenotypes.

EC has been around 900 or less and no sign of any weakness or deficiency at all. Yield wise it seems the bushier the better for satori.Controling the height of both phenos was easy .
I guess cloning is the way to go with this strain especially since its sfirst and second and 3rsbranches looked lovely for clone.

Not a single hazy pistil yet .

I think from now on I should update weekly