Making gummy bears using shatter

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    SoA|ZED New Member

    Hello :) so im trying to make gummy bears using my shatter it is very good but when i add it to the jello recipe to make gummy's no one gets a so i hear decarb but i thought i did that making the my question is if i do have to decarb in oven how because if you stick shatter in a pot on 220 it will stick to the pot big time or do i mix it first like i do for my pens then put in pot on stove to make gummy's last batch i used 2.5 grams of shatter and they felt nothing...lmao ive also tried making tincture using veg glycerin in pot for hour and half and same result nothing i used 20 grams bud for that adventure.

    Genki88 Active Member

    I put it on parchment paper and then put that in a pan on low heat making sure temperature stays around 240f. Watch the bubbles, when no more bubbles form then you are fully decarbed.

    PM me for more detail if needed.
    cookie master

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    you mix it in coconut oil, theres a recipe on here. I think its ten grams oil to a tablespoon coconut oil buy dont quote me. Do it in a pyrex pan at 250 until bubbles stop/ it shouldnt be sticky

    Subu Well-Known Member

    You need to cook the material with fat & heat to activate the THC.

    Genki88 Active Member

    Come on now..............

    You use heat to decarboxylate the material and you infuse it into some sort of fat to make it more bioavailable...................

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