making bubble hash-------that damn last bag 25microns


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so ive been making bubble bag hash for a few years and it's pretty much and easy one man job, but when i get done to the 25micron bag, it's like the water doesnt even pass through the last bag it will sit there for a couple days and maybe i'll notice an inch or evaporation most likely, so i was wondering if any of you bubble baggers have a trick to get the remains trichromes thought that almost non-porous last bag. one idea i had was letting it all settle to the bottom then kinda siphon off the majority of the top layer wich doesnt really have any trich in it ive let it set for a few hour to a day to ensure the trichs have sank to the bottom of the bucket.. any input would be appreciated


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try dropping the a brisk movement drop the bag one foot...(still hold on to the bag)
inertia will force the water though the mesh......

good luck....
oh don't mix in the bags....use a bucket and pour it into another bucket with the bags...


just pull up on the bag then let drop a few inches. this gets the hash off the screen and lets the water pass through. check out bubblemans website for exact instructions. should only take 5mins at most for last bag.


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i know the action needed to get the hash to collect, but it's almost like there's sand in there it's so thick. ok well i'll try to drop it


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When was the last time you cleaned it? i bet those 25micron bags get clogged fast. Some iso should do the trick.


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I grab a side in each hand then pull one hand up one hand down back and forth while giving a jiggle to the bag.



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I like to pull my work bag out leaving the water. I have another bucket right next to me. I pull all the bags and place in the new clean bucket. As I work the other bags water is draining from the 25. When I get to it there is still alot of water but not as if I left it in the water filled bucket. Work it fast one side up one side down. When I get tired I will drop it in a cookie sheet. Take a break have a smoke then back to it. Takes alot longer then 5 min more like 15. But that's just my way.


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cleaning in iso makes more of a difference than you may think..any material i work gets hit twice before dumping and i clean after each run the 73 and 25 most the rest dont clog. if i dont i pay for it waitng forever to collect that 25 :/