Make $2200 worth of "Clear Rez" for $4 !!!


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That is correct. Same EXACT ingredient as EZ Clone Clear Rez that sells for $20 a QT.

Get your self a 1 lb bag of HTH Pool shock non PH buffered available online and most hardware stores (bought mine from Ace). Mix 1 GRAM (450 in the bag) per gallon of solution. Will make the SAME EXACT concentration fo the SAME EXACT product. $4 will make you 450 gallons of the stuff and will treat over 286,000 gallons of water !!:clap: Should last you a little while ... Can you say markup ?? :shock:

Been using this on all my clone machines and all my ebb and flow reservoirs now with great success. You use 1 OZ per 5 gallons. I actually make it a lot stronger at 24 grams per gallon then only have to use a teaspoon per 5 gallons. Works very well in both systems. Works better then H202. You need to reapply every 3 days to keep bacteria at bay. You can actually use much stronger doses if you like. City water is 1-5 PPM of chorine when you add this it only raises the PPM level of chlorine less then 1/2 a PPM. Very safe and very effective. Found my PH levels to be much more stable in my larger reservoirs compared to using 2 doses of 30% H202 per week. Its doing a better job of killing the nasties :-o

$4 of this

Makes $2200 worth of this



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Nice! I was going to use bleach, now I think I'll use this instead.

So just to be clear, you first make a solution of shock by adding 24 grams of shock (it is a powder right?) to a gallon of , let's say RO water. Then when you are mixing your nutrient rez, you then add a teaspoon of this shock solution you made for every 5 gallons of nute solution in your I have that right?

I have an infection I'm trying to keep at bay and I'm hoping this stuff will do the trick. It's been causing really strong upward pH swings.


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@DWCC: I noticed Pool Shock being offered on ebay UK, not sure if it's worth the shipping cost and whether it's the real deal.

@superstoner1: I'm just getting started with hp and figured sterile would be easier to start with, get familiar with my system etc, but definitely going to try your bennies next round or the one after and see what you are preaching about. I'm coming from organic on soil, no ph etc, so your bennies sound interesting enough to read into, just a bit much on top of the switch from soil to hp).


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So its 24 grams/gallon to make the concoction, then 1 ml/ gal of mixture is reservoir, correct? I read at grass city it was 1 gram / gal for mixture then 1oz/ gal in reservoir. I have also read to dose mixture at 1oz/5 gallon in res. Just trying to be thorough so I don't fuck up.


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Im not even sure what a bump is but this should get it lol. This saved my ass when I moved back to the country\woods. I think everyone who says the ez clone didn't work for them was on well water cause I went from 100% to 50% when I got off city water with chlorine in it. So to anyone who's clones are turning to brown mush use some pool shock its uber cheap and works wonders. This was the biggest break I have ever gotten from a thread! That be truths n shit.:clap:


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I have 200 gal rez... will this mixture help keep it clean?

im waiting on funds for a chiller and industrial air pump to move water better, for now i need some sort of solution... i read about bleach and all the other ways but too nervous to try them. This seems like it would be a safer and easy to make solution.

Does this kill algae even with rez temps in low 70s? Not currently fighting it but i know its getting warmer and need to be prepared.


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I use it as a preventive and it works great. You can go one of two ways...beneficial or sterile.

You can go sterile and use stuff like chlorine ,zone, sm-90,h202,bleach. This is my approach and I only use chlorine and I never have problems with water temps of 76 to 83. The trick with rooting is water temps. Cold water can take weeks to clone in. Warm water can take 5 days. Good beneficial don't like warm water and bacteria loves it.

I just keep a heater pad under my bubble cloner and keep it about 80f intill I see root hairs (7 days or less) then I turn off the heat pad drop my water to 68 to 72f and add bloom nutrients to the tune off 300 ppm. You can add some aquashield and sm-90 or anything else you want. As long as your water temps are low you dont really need anything. But the best I have found is aquashield and sm-90 for protection. I know its fun to put a bunch of useless stuff in you water cause I used to do it but strait water works in 5 days and your not going to root any faster then that with anything else. I've tried and wasted alot of money doing so. The less shit in the water the better you will be.


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This clear rez solution is about 25% the chlorine that is in your tap so It shouldn't hurt anything in your rez but don't put anything beneficial in there or it will kill it and make a mess. I to run 80f water with no chlorine in my ucdwc and I haven't got screwed using Aquashield and sm-90 it seems to keep the bad stuff at bay but I'm running a thin line. Knock on wood. Oh btw sm-90 does not kill benys it was mis info from the start just in case someone wanted to tell me im not doing it right lol. Please don't send me the web pages selling it that claim it does. I called myself and have run it for almost a year. Good luck bro.


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I hate to post in this thread being so old but since someone else bumped it.... How would one use pondzyme in their RDWC? I like the idea of bennes vs pool cleaner. Could anyone help please? My pH holds high and I need something to turn this around.


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I hate to post in this thread being so old but since someone else bumped it.... How would one use pondzyme in their RDWC? I like the idea of bennes vs pool cleaner. Could anyone help please? My pH holds high and I need something to turn this around.
Have fun with the pondzyme lol. I've tried pondzyme and got a huge mess of bad bacteria. I tried brewing a beneficial tea and got a huge mess of bad bacteria. Running bennies in DWC is just plain dumb if you ask me. I've had a major battle with brown algae (cyanobacteria) for the past few months and that shit just laughed at the beneficial bacteria and went right back to wreaking havoc. I'm running a chiller AND UV sterilization inline on my RDWC, and sterilizing equipment with rubbing alc each time AND use distilled bottled water AND 1w/g air pump. I've tried SM-90, DM Gold Zone, H2O2, all laughable at best. I've had that shit form a thick colony of gelatinous crap on my air stones when using more than the aggressive dose of DM Zone (Probably bc Zone is Copper Sulfate and it is an algaecide, which this brown algae cyanobacteria IS NOT).

Long story short I use diluted solution of pool shock now and have no issues. If you want to have a fun little experiment and pull your hair out, dump a beneficial tea in to your DWC system. If you want to grow like a pro (Or like commercial hydroponic agriculture) you use chlorine/chloramines... OR Performic Acid.


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I learned a lot from this

I see that Clear REZ contains Hypochlorous Acid and HTP Super Shock is 53% Calcium Hypochlorite.

The article states "Dry Calcium Hypochlorite tablets produce a “FRESH” Hypochlorite solution when mixed with water. In tests done, a solution produced with the proper Calcium Hypochlorite tablet, can maintain “Free Available Chlorine” or Hypochlorous Acid the
active disinfectant in this Calcium Hypochlorite solution, for ONLY about 4 hrs, then it starts rapidly degrading."

Also of important note is, "Finally, just as champagne or carbonated water “go flat” on sitting as the bubbly carbon dioxide gas escapes into the air, chlorine escapes from a Hypochlorite solution thus weakening its germ killing value. In order to slow this escape, bleach manufacturers add Sodium Hydroxide (lye) to their product causing the pH to rise dramatically. Lye burns animal and plant tissues; it saponifies (converts) fats in poultry and meat products. Hypochlorous Acid dispensed from Aquaox Systems contains NO LYE!".

So maybe lye in the bleach will damage your plants and is not to be recommended.


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Wanted to check something here about the original posters math....... First it's stated to use 1 gram into one gallon, then use 1 ounce (30ml) of that mix per 5 gallons solution, or 6ml per gallon @ 1 Gram per gallon ....Then he goes on to say he makes a more concentrated mix as to use less of it per addition, stating to use 24 grams into a gallon of water, then use 1ml per gallon of solution. The problem I see is he is making a mixture 24x stronger, but only using 6x less of it...therefore going by his math, if you added 1ml/gallon of the 24x mix, your actually using 4x more shock than the original 1 gram/gallon concentration into 6ml/gallon equation.

Maybe my math is wrong? But a lot of people, especially hydro/DWC noobs will follow this advice to the T and this seems to be a huge error....anyone care to chime in?