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    You open anything to do with Cannabis while it is still new, you will be Talking about Taxation on Taxation of the taxed taxes.
    This is how it goes, a clinic opens in A Hood, some municipalities will not approve you if you own the building you intend to do business in. And because you sell Weed, the will claim the cops have to be out a little more in your neighborhood, TAX. Now the cops will need continuous training on some Cannabis related issue, TAX. The city will need to dedicate someone to lok over your shoulder TAX, to show good faith the city "ASKS" you to dedicate a budget to the local rehab, TAX, Keep in mind TAXES go up each year, your commercial lease, because you sell weed will be four times more expensive and instead of the nominal 3% annual increase, your lease will go up by 10%.In addition to the Taxes you will be harpooned with each year, new ones will pop up as time goes by. You even have my fav, the "Obama Said Tax" every time the president says something negative about drugs, a cause comes up that you have to pay for in "Good Faith" for selling drugs here. Now not everything is Tax, some are appropriations by the municipality in exchange for you doing business, selling weed. It is a shakedown.

    City officials will come in office with a hard on the size of the Capitol full of ways to spend your profits. City officials will come at you so fast, so hard, SO OFTEN THAT by the time they are done Tax-Jack-hammering you without lube, you would have forgotten how it felt to rip one, your Tax Hole will be so stretched, you wont even know when you cut one loose, PHFLEW!
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    If they decriminalize cannabis, this does not mean they will not control it with a vice grip. It will not change the amount of people they can potentially arrest for cannabis. In fact, once it is legal, it is regulated. Think if this, beer is legal, can you do time making beer at home? No, in fact you can make as much beer as you want, but we all know, ATF at your door is no joke, serious time. The same might happen with Cannabis legalization. Grow as much Tobacco as you want, but do not dare sell it without giving uncle sam his share. This is where the small time caregiver will get squeezed out.
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    only place small time caregiver is going is under ground,most are half way there any way:bigjoint:
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    u stabbed u self right in the foot,big whitey gonna get ya money haha u sound very greedy this is why we need full legal get rid of folks out gouging like your self,i no u wont amit it got feeling u rolling out the back door to:bigjoint:boo hoo poor little u

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    No worries, I honestly have been at this and have had my fair share of the pie over time. Truth be told, my true concern is in the gauging of prices that will happen once it goes legal. Personally my prices and product quality will always beat the clinics or any legal method of growing and selling because 1-uncle sam is not in my pocket and my cost of production is very low. 2- I am very small scale and take extra care for safety of product quality. 3-my price per ounce will always be better than the clinic, more affordable for people who cannot afford it.

    So yes, my greed for trhe greater good surpasses the that of the government. This is a grass, why can I make a cookie and sell for fundraising, or make a baby crib and sell it on amazon, or plant tomatoes and sell them at the street corner? Why don't they regulate cookies? Sweets have killed more people than Cannabis will ever kill in a million years.

    Am I greedy when it comes to what should be free? You bet I am. I am a greedy son of a bitch.

    What a friggin lie this whole "American Spirit of Entrepreneurship" crap and the American Dream.

    So, consider Joe Criminal, he is a non violent felon who has paid his debt to society, cannot get a job that pays enough to support his familly, and uncle sam wants to imprison him, incarcerate him, rip away his freedom, victimize the very people it is sworn to protect, and take away the one thing poor Joe Criminal can do to turn his last $20 into sustainable living to suppliment the $10.5 an hour job at 32 hours a week to feed his three children, pay his 2 bedroom apartment, and look like a man in the eyes of his wife.

    I am I greedy for the Good of Joe Criminal that I do not want this brand of legalization to pass? You damn straight I am greedy for his and my rights.

    I did not risk my life for the "free world" serving three tours in Uncle Sam's Wars just so I can come home to be controlled by how I can make an honest living
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    Cassava, the third largest source of food carbohydrates in the world, must be properly prepared before consumption, as improper preparation of cassava can leave enough residual cyanide to cause acute cyanide intoxication, goiters, and even ataxia or partial paralysis.

    Go to a Hannaford, shop n Stop, or Food Lion in the produce Isle, you will see long brown waxed tubers, tell us if there is a tag on them with the above warning on this potentially deadly and debilitating yet very popular food

    Let's rephrase the above for Cannabis

    Attorney General Warning: Cannabis, the plant with the largest medicinal applications in the world, and the single most popular and affordable medication that patients themselves can afford to plant and administer, if planted by anyone must be properly hidden in secrecy from authorities and during consumption, as improper secrecy can leave enough familial stress and legal problems such as long term incarceration, Government financed Family issues due to separation / incarceration, social paralysis, due to wide spread and rampant piss testing, issues walking down the street if cops smell it on you especially if your are a person of color, risk of death by cop, murderous police men will do less time than you if they do any time at all. You may lose your right to vote or travel abroad, you may never serve your country in any way shape or form. Smoke inhalation is known to cause cancer or lung disease,

    Hmmmm . . . Ever heard of Cannabis Intoxication? Actually ever heard of someone smoking Cannabis and because of its effects beating his wife? Killing people? Now why the fuck is Cannabis regulated again? Financial Greed! And you say I am Greedy? FUCK YEAH! THEY ARE GREEDY TO TAKE MY RIGHTS AND MAKE ME PAY FOR WHAT SHOULD BE FREE.
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    Let me tell you something you need to understand;

    Selective De3criminalization = Selective Criminilization.

    And to be precise let us define Criminilization according to Webster: Criminalization or criminalisation, in criminology, is "the process by which behaviors and individuals are transformed into crime and criminals".

    The purpose of the Law and Lawmakers is to define the social Norm of Greater Good. In the context of government, the notion of Greater good cannot be selectively Deontological, meaning right and wrong must be equal across social and economic classes. in the context of Law Makers, personal emotional calculus cannot supersede that of the greater good, meaning the emotional calculus involved in Law Making must not be subjective vis a vis the general public, The emotional Calculous of Greater Good Must be as precise as humanly possible in order to satisfy the majority of the public at large.

    This brand of Decriminalization the want to implement, or to call it properly by its name, Selective Decriminalization of Cannabis puts the model of Greater Good on its head like an upside down pyramid, and criminalizes the majority of the population. This brand of decriminalization also places the American dream on its head as well by making an entrepreneurial opportunity out of reach to the common American Citizen, something like 98% of American Citizens will not be able to reach the financial success related to this brand of Cannabis Legalization,. The "Cannabis Dream" will go to 2% of the already rich, just as anything lucrative in this country.
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    look pal I been at this game since early 70s,since the med thing started in 99 while I was in prison for growing,i have never seen so much greed move into the game since 99 nothing but greedall these so called care givers who think they grow best in the world haha all the greed really is depressing. make it legal out right get rid of u greedy folk[ done have a good day]:bigjoint:
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    "Making it Legal outright" Now that is exactly what I mean, not this selectively legal shit, thats the greed portion. Make it Legal so no one should profit or take advantage. If you want to buy my tomatoes for $400 each it should be no different with my weed period.

    Really, where is the greater good when Joe Criminal over there cannot sell honest weed to feed his family from a $15 clone and get himself off welfare? I bet they would have no problem if he could do that with Tomatoes, yet the impact weed has had on society as a plant is no less than that of tomatoes. The impact on society from weed has come not from the plant or its effects on humans, but from it being criminalized.

    Light Brown, or Dark Brown, who gives a fuck, in essence they are brown. The wage of sin is death, not the wage of small sin or wage of big sin, a crime is a crime is a crime and saying some can do the exact same thing openly while others cannot is a crime against freedom.
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    In addition, equal opportunity is the grease that makes Capitalism possible. On the other hand, the heart, or should I say that Monopoly is the goal of each competitor in a capitalistic economy like ours. For this to hold true, every competitor must start on an equality basis with the same business startup opportunities.

    Elevating the bar of entry to certain areas of the economy, and making it illegal to bypass such bars is not equal opportunity. A $45,000 non refundable deposit to apply fort a clinic license is not equal opportunity, and incarcerating anyone who grows without a license is not equal opportunity.

    What that really does is reverse the drug dealer role from the Hoodlum who at all cost to his freedom and quality of life made this industry possible to begin with, into the hands of the Riches who by birth, race, or other social privilege have the means to jump in and stay rich while the broke bloke now has to keep making the rich richer.

    Will the customer base change? If not so why can't someone with a drug related felony own a clinic again? But a child molester can open a clinic? If thats not obviously proof that Big Whitey finally found a way to snatch the Drug market from the hood, I don't know else to tell you
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    I think the greedy ones will be the dispenseries selling weed for 400/oz or $10/joint. The caregivers have been pretty fair with their pricing. The legal dispenseries will be getting the customers with money to burn. the average Joe will buy it cheaper from the guy down the street.
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    Yes, and they (big Whitey) will make buying it from the caregiver highly illigal with very stiff and looooooong term incarceration terms to make sure Hoodie never gets a whiff of that money. Then Whitey will be left with the industry and jack prices, pump addictive substances into your weed, Other whiteys will tax the fuck out of it like they did cigarettes.,

    Pfizer will get involved and sell you an 8th of THC for $200. Keep in mind that Pfizer, is the biggest Drug Dealing Whitey in the Universe, who developed a cure for HIV and let entire continents die of the desease because they would not make the medication affordable and bribed the US Government to place an embargo on any country that buys HIV medication made by someone else because them, big Whitey Pfizer patented the cure.

    Pfizer Patented the cure to the deadliest STD in history, and even through they are positioned with 80% of the pharmaceutical industry market share, guaranteeing them a profit at $10 a pill and a turn around time to recoup expenses in less than 6 months to a year.

    Billions of African Children Orphaned by HIV and Pfizer would not release the meds or make them affordable. If they can do that, and make the US government go along with it and force the entire world to go along with it, what the fuck do you think they will do with Cannabis? If you think you the caregiver or hoodlum will be around to smell the money from Cannabis without risking longer and stiffer prison terms than they do now you are a god damn fool.

    By the way, Big Whitey is the big white collar felon who is free to roam rampant, like Bush, get away with killing thousands of American Teens in his wars and got away with it. Big Whitey is not the white man, just to be clear, it is the White Collar Criminal who runs this country Rampant.

    Bush W, a Felon in Canada, a C student, a man who did cocain and was actually arrested and due to social status of his parents, he only got a DUI, a man who Cannibalized entire companies for profit and put hard working Americans on the streets. A man who should have had a dishonorable discharge from the Air National Guard but because of his father, he got an OTH (Other than Honorable) and still he became president. You think you can get an Other Than Honorable discharge from the military and own a clinic, yes you can, but because you can never get a government contract, you will probably be fucked by some hidden rule.

    You kidding me? This Bush guy and his possy of Gangsters became President and placed the country in the biggest debt in history, caused wars that killed hundreds of thousands of American Boys while making him and his Cousin Dick and their friends so Rich that their children and their children's Great Great Grand children's children's children will never need money again. But hey, he became president even though he lost the popular vote to Al Gore by a landslide.

    You really think Big Whitey is not real? Watch what happens with Cannabis and any person who will try to circumvent the walls the put around you and I profiting from this new industry. They have the biggest Baddest well financed Enforcer, ATF.

    Fuck , with a clinic you cannot even hire someone with a drug felony, even a caregiver cannot hire someone with a drug felony, but they want to sell this to the same people that drug felons have developed a product for. With a clinic you cannot even hire someone who tests positive for THC. WTF?

    Clinton was not one of them, had he been a Big Whitey, Monica Lewinsky would never gad gotten away with BLACK MAILING AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT and turn around and make him look like the pig, when Kennedy, a big Whitey, Killed Monroe for probably doing the same thing Lewinsky did and we all know he did,but He is a Big Whitey, we place everything he did on PEDESTALS. That man Killed Marilyn Monroe and other Big Whiteys probably Killed him because his frolicking actions were going to reveal them all.

    Big Whitey is real Who do you think Killed Malcolm X and King?


    June 6 2016, "Last week, Pfizer increased the list prices of its medicines in the United States by an average of 8.8 percent, according to an investor note by Morgan Stanley analyst David Risinger.

    This marks the second time this year that the drug maker has substantially boosted prices for its prescription drugs. Back on Jan. 1, Pfizer raised prices by an average of 10.4 percent, Risinger pointed out."

    Now, this is going under the radar, keep in mind their med prices are out of reach to begin with. What the fuck do you think they will do with Cannabis my friends? You are all exited about legalization, you all are so fixed on getting high in the open that you do not see twhat this is in actuality.

    Step 1: Figure out a way to get the general public to go along with criminlizing any common person who dares produce cannabis while decriminilizing Whitey from doing the same thing.Then have their Muscle ATF protect their territory.

    Step 2 : One Whitey (Big Pharma) makes the meds very expensive and out of reach for the common man to afford. Pumps addictive stuff to hook the common man on a drug that was previously not addictive. Now Hoodie Pot Head is hooked on drugs like their other drugs whose active ingredients are not addictive but the junk they add along is highly addictive. Hoodie Pot Head then changes his name to Hoodie Drug Fiend.

    Step 3: Big Pharma is not concerned that Hooddie Drug Fiend cannot afford to purchase his THC Pills and Vapes they will call inhalers because his Whitey buddy Medicaid and insurance will pic up the tab with tax payer money from blue collar folks like you and me. Blue collar Joe Criminal, a non violent Felon is now stuck at a $10.50 an hour job, on welfare and living in the projects, but now hooked on what Pfizzer has spiked his Weed, he is now Jonsing between joints, cannot focus on work and has to steal to feed his habit. If he does not return to prison, he ends up homeless. All the while Medicaid takes Taxes from other Hoodies and Joe Criminlas, who by the way have up to a total 20-25% of their checks taken out for taxes etc, so that 10.5 is actually a take home of $8.40 to $7.87 an hour ($1008 a month at 32 hours a week cause we all know he will not get a 40 hour a week job with benefits as a felon). Joe Criminal now gets Medicaid and he now lives on the streets and his kids in the system. He now gets Medicaid to buy his weed for him.Joe could have made Six Figures a year, but now making less than ounces worth of weed a month. He could have made that in a week, days or even hours selling weed at an affordable price.

    Step 3: Because Joe Criminal's children will grow up in such deplorable conditions, they will be welfare baskets with a hand out from Medicaid for THC from Pfizer and the vicious cycle of riches fro Pfizer is created, a vicious cycle for poverty for Joe is created.

    Joe Criminal, an expert at growing weed, sees all the customers he developed in his street days go to Pfizer including himself.

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    As the snow flies
    On a cold and gray Chicago mornin'
    A poor little baby child is born
    In the ghetto
    (In the ghetto)

    And his father cries
    Cause if there's one thing that he don't need
    It's another hungry mouth to feed
    In the ghetto
    (In the ghetto)

    People, don't you understand
    The child needs a helping hand
    Or he'll grow to be an angry young man some day
    Take a look at you and me,
    Are we too blind to see,
    Do we simply turn our heads to big whitey

    And look the other way
    While the THC Tables turn
    And a desperate poor father with $15
    Buys a clone in the street as the cold wind blows
    In the ghetto
    (In the ghetto)

    And his CFLs burn
    So he starts to roam the streets at night
    And he learns to sling weed
    And he learns how to dodge the cops
    In the ghetto
    (In the ghetto)

    Then one night ATF comes calling
    the young man breaks away
    He has no gun, fears the cops,
    He tries to run, but he don't get far
    And his daughter cries
    As a crowd gathers 'round an angry young man
    Face down on the street with a planted gun in his hand
    In the ghetto
    (In the ghetto)

    As her young father dies,
    On a cold and gray Chicago mornin',
    Another little baby child is born
    In the ghetto
    (In the ghetto)

    And his father cries

    Thank you Big Whitey, we the common people, are fucked

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    Ya big no on 1 here i had a couple friends go to a no on 1 meeting in houlton the other day that explained it more and i went to a mmj convention in fort jent yesterday and participated in some conversations with people at the house doing the time that knew there shot about the bill and its just absurd, roadside bloodtesting, big business, just ridiculous not the right bill to pass it will diminish proper patient medicine do to big busoness lack of variety it worded to sound great for the average toker but its bologna.
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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    this bill isn't about patient medicine,its so the average joe can grow few plants in yard an not worry about jonny law,u caregivers have had free ride long enough time to open things up yr or two there be no more caregivers because most r greedy and will not grow for 100 doller oz

    Keighan Well-Known Member

    When it comes to the plant coumt a caregiver can have its hard to grow i side for 100 a zip and make any profit..just sayin the people who are involved in this bill are mostly setti g themselves up some of them evem bought property in maine thats not a set up

    Bangaman Active Member

    hopefully in the end it will be like tobacco and not cocaine that is only legal for big pharma to handle and I think (suspect) that is their intention. Right now they want us to believe it is so tat Jo Shmoe can grow in the yard without looking behind his shoulder, but why then place all these restrictions in the retail industry on people testing positive for THC or with drug related felonies? Seems a little too targeted to me.

    First trick us into helping them build a wall between the product and ourselves making us belive it is for our good, and then setup cops around the perimeter so we no longer ave access to it without risking prison

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    Holy shit, I need to smoke a joint after reading all that:bigjoint:

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    I don't vote, but I am a caregiver that supports legalization. There is some bad stuff in the bill, but overall, I don't think a better one will come along.

    I have five caregiver cards, and my wife has five caregiver cards, so we would both qualify for licensure preference. I think there are a lot of caregivers out there that have one or two cards.

    According to the Maine Medical Marijuana 2015 annual report, there are 3000 individual caregivers in Maine, with 7000 caregiver registrations. The average number of cards a caregiver has is 2.33
    1. First priority for licensure must be given to registered caregivers who have been continuously registered with the Department of Health and Human Services pursuant to the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act or who have experience serving as a principal officer or board member of a nonprofit medical dispensary registered with the Department of Health and Human Services pursuant to the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act. If an applicant, either a business entity or an individual, owns, has a financial interest in or controls the management of more than one dispensary in this State, that applicant may receive preference for only one license in each license class. As long as there are other preferred applicants for any or all license classes an applicant who owns, has a financial interest in or controls the management of more than one dispensary in this State is not eligible for multiple licenses in any class. Preference must be given to an applicant who has at least 3 medical marijuana caregiver registrations when determining which applicants receive licenses.
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    That is some sane thinking. Unfortunately, the bigger minds at work spin things just right, in a way that the Greater Good is more apparent than the continent size iceberg of greed racism, and evil that lies underneath. The lines are so close together that sometimes you need an electron microscope to read between them.
    The shear number of African American Males over 18 that are felons is shear proof of such manigances of public opinion of the Greater Good because even if you wipe out racial profilling and racist judges with biased jusdmenet, the law is written such that an average African American Male will become a felon by age 21 and therefore unable to vote,

    Now you cannot find a law in america that directly ties African American Males in a way to prevent them from Voting, but yet, the shear number of them that are felons and unable to vote is proof there is an extremely high correlation between the two.

    The fact is, Older money shall always TRUMP (pun intended), New money. And Old Money shal always be ahead of any new source of income. So for those thinking they can now jump in this game and make millions, this is probably the best reality check you will have, If you invest too much into this new gold rush, You will spend all kinds of moneys just to make it to three steps away from success and then you will be more broke than you started. That is a fact you can take to the bank. There are people with a thousand times more money than you and a thousand times more greed than you that have been at this hundreds of thousands of hours more than you that have been ready to pounce into this thousands of days before you. Good luck.

    Legalization is selective ilegalization where those with the means become immune to the law. We need delegalization. If Cannabis is harmful enough for public consumption in retail it should be fair enough to be as legal as spinach or tobacco. Legal for all to grow and sell with impunity, PERIOD! Anything other than that is Politico-socio-economic manupilation.

    Now what, Millions of Men of color imprisoned over this socially harmless grass still come out unable to enjoy it? All those families wrecked unjustly, still cannot benefit from it for an adjust felonious reason? What is this kind of law that favors the rich and victimizes the very people it is sworn to protect?

    What kind of law places the governing entity in a position that the few governors decide the greater good? What is that? restricted freedom? Governance without representation? Is this the America our young die for?
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