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    In search of 2 new patients. Lincoln area to Bangor, Calais to Houlton, basically Northeast Penobscot county and Northeast Washington County. Free delivery. 25% discount for Disabled veterans. Free goodies and extras for all patients!

    Sungrown Organic Flower - $100 oz
    Northern Lights (Indica)
    Sour Diesel (Sativa)
    AK-47 (hybrid)

    Indoor Organic Flower - $150 oz
    Super Skunk (Indica dominant hybrid)
    Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow and Galactic Glue should be cured by Christmas :)

    BHO Dabs - $40/g or 5 for $150
    Nug Run, Pull n Snap
    3 strains

    Ice water (bubble) Hash
    $20/g or 5 for $80

    CannaBalm Salve
    3 scents and unscented available
    8oz jar - $30
    4oz jar - $15

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