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Discussion in 'Medicating' started by Lion-O, Feb 15, 2018.


    Lion-O Active Member

    Is there a lab that will allow mail in cannabis testing? If not, has anyone had any luck or experience using the tcheck tester? I couldn't find a lab in NY so looking for an alternative solution.

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    many allow mail in testing.
    several grams at a time, illegal mailings,, sure, go for it.
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    If mailing pot were that's easy.


    Lion-O Active Member

    That's nice....

    So have you used the tcheck? Anyone?
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Active Member

    Hello Lion-O,
    The tcheck looks like a scam.
    Once you have shelled out $230 for the spectrometer, you then have to pay $140 a year to use the "breakdown" service so you know exactly what's in what you're testing.

    For $700, you can get the My Dx Analyzer and you won't have to keep paying into a subscription to use it. My local dispensary uses this.

    There is another sensor but I am not sure if it can or does (app enabled) test for THC or CBD, but it's called SCiO and it's $299 with no subscription fees.
    The main app can test for all sorts of things, so it's not a one trick pony like the other meters.
    I believe SCiO's sensitivity is like 1%, so theoretically it could test for THC and CBD, but I think you would need to build an app for it to do so.

    I hope this was helpful.
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    Lion-O Active Member

    The mydx doesn't actually test it though, it just finds strains through a database that were tested and match what is in the device through sniffing it, or whatever the scientific term for sniffing is. I also believe the price for mydx is more like 800. Ordered the tcheck though as it was the best option I could find.
    Chris Edward

    Chris Edward Active Member

    Keep us posted on how it works for you.
    I am interested to know whether the tcheck device is worth anything without the subscription to the "breakdown" service.
    Because the way the website reads, you sort of need it to know what's actually going on...

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