M4S73R's Vertical Organic No Till Scrog.

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    Ive never done a grow log. Ive seen a lot of them. So lets get this started. Keep in mind that im still putting everything together. I have a monthly budget.

    First run will be 4 clones of C99. I was growing C99 for about 2 years now. I know it well in Hempy buckets. Should be about the same as soil. After this initial run ill be throwing a few other strains in as regulars. Sugar Black Rose and Northern Lights Blue. Ill be running up to 6 different trains.
    Current Gentics on hand.
    Blim Burm C99
    Eva Jamaican Dream
    Strain Hunters Money Maker
    Delicious Sugar Black Rose
    Delicious Sugar Candy
    Delicious Northern Light Blue
    Eve Missing in Barcelona*
    Humboldt Bubbas Gift*
    Humboldt 707 Truthband*
    Humboldt Amherst Sour Diesel*
    * freebies

    Veg is a 4 bulb t5 for starters 600 watt MH Barebulb for veg and training. 18/6 lights. After started and xplanted, the plants will start at 300w for a week or 2ish then jump to 600w.

    Bloom is duel 1ks MH and HPS barebulbs. Lights here a little different. Ill be doing the first 1.5 hours of 12 with just the mh on. Then the HPS will kick on and the MH will kick off at 10.5 hours. Saves a little on electricity and mimics the sun as the day progresses. then in the last 12 days ill shorten it down to a 10 hour day with 8 hours of both lights and a hour of each.

    20 gallon Geo pots with 18.5 gallon of organic soil. Coots recipe. Each pot will have a quarter pound of European night crawlers and a small handful of red wigglers.

    Compost will be 2/3 dutch white clover, 1/3 compost cover from the prior harvested plant. Vermicomposting will happen inside the pot. No worm farm as of now. Going to see if I can just do it in the pot. Well see.

    These are No-till pots. The plants will be offset in the pot. 1plant per pot. All worms will go in 2 weeks prior to going to bloom this first round. Each pot is resting on a hand made plant holder with lava rock in it on caster wheels.

    Nutrient will be same as what's already in my soil. Sprinkled after each harvest. 2 cups per pot.
    Gypsum, Neem meal, Kelp meal, Crab meal, and Karanja meal. Foiler with Aloe, neem oil, and Agsil. I may do a Coconut water drench every now and then, we'll see.

    Watering will be done with a C-frame sprayer. [email protected] Pots will stay moist. No wet/dry cycles. Veg by hand, Bloom will be on a timer.

    Each plant will have its own 36"x48"h screen. Plants will be tied back to it. veg area is about 6x6. bloom is 8x8. 4 plants per cycle. I wont be using all the room in the 8x8 but its the space i have to use.

    Still have stuff coming in. Over the next few weeks.
    As I complete construction on the bloom ill upload some pics.

    got a cutting of a very very sad remaining plant in a hempy bucket. root rot, un attended. Most of the plant was dead but that one main shoot. So we cut the top off and threw it in a 3 gallon pot. As soon as it big enough to take cutting we.ll be off and running.

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    Ok so Update time. Got the remaining things I needed to finish up the veg room. 600w optiblue from ushio, new fan and the water system is all hooked up.


    That poor c99 is bouncing back. Got a little brown spotting on a old leaf. New growth coming in fast and happy. Foiler with aloe. About 5ish days from taking clones.

    WIN_20151214_19_36_16_Pro.jpg WIN_20151214_19_36_24_Pro.jpg WIN_20151214_19_36_50_Pro.jpg

    I also got the Dutch White Clover seeded in today.
    More updates to come.
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    m4s73r Well-Known Member

    No pics today, but i took 3 clones and got them going. So we have 4 plants going. Let them grow up a bit and well get them xplanted into the 20s.
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    looking good buddy

    enjoy the grow

    m4s73r Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. Screen came in. We got that set up. Waiting on clones.
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    Quick update tonight. Screen as above, also clover has started coming in. Planted clover on monday, and starting in by wend. pretty fast imo. Clones look shitty. all slumped over till they put some roots out. WIN_20151217_20_25_44_Pro.jpg WIN_20151217_20_25_53_Pro.jpg WIN_20151217_20_26_02_Pro.jpg WIN_20151217_20_26_12_Pro.jpg

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    Subbed. Looks like you're 0ff to a solid start, I run Coots soil too.

    Good luck with the grow.bongsmilie
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    Looks like a great start. Along to watch.
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    So I may have been hasty with my clones here. 5 days and still laying down. Ill give them a couple more days and see if they stand up. If not, ill be popping seeds.
    Jamaican Dream
    Sugar Black Rose
    Northern Light Blue

    Clover is coming in faster then expected. Not that i dont have plenty of it. Local nursery sold me a 5 lb bag for 16 bucks. All is well.
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    Went ahead and started seeds yesterday. Wasent happy with the clones. Finishing up the screens today. Got what i need for new wiring for the bloom room to handle 2k worth of lights and a 8" fan.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Right on, looks like I'm in on the ground floor!

    Do the screens roll with the pots? You'll want each corner to go together as a unit and hold itself up so you can roll them back and work on the inside. It does not look like the connection between pot and trellis is very solid as yet but you have awhile to work on it.
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    Yes, the screens and pots stay together. Once all the pots are in place they will be connected together to hold the over all weight. as of right now, just have 2' bamboo stakes down in the dirt to hold the screens when i move it to bloom or work on tying back plants.
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    I'm looking forward to seeing how these big no till pots work.
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    Waiks Well-Known Member

    Nice setup.

    Stoked to see the notills as well
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    Been doing a lot of reading on CMH vs HPS. Im considering a couple of the 860 cmh lights rather then hps. Anyone got an opinion on this?
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Yep. Unless you're getting your CMH lighting for cheap, save your money for COB LED. PM me for cheap sources.

    m4s73r Well-Known Member

    Seeds popped and went into their first pot. Really looking forward to these strains.
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    So talk about the website being weird the last couple of days. Anyway, thought I would throw up an quick update.
    Got the screens finished. If you ever decide to add mylar/pandafilm to your vert cages, go on amazon and order a a few of the small binder clips. Started out using yarn to "sew" them to the screens. That was time consuming and throat punchy. Binder clips, amazon prime 2 day shipping = more compliant female assistant. Seriously save yourself that fucking headache. Lol

    Inside WIN_20151229_21_00_28_Pro.jpg

    Damn that Opti blue is, well, blue.

    The girls are coming along. The NLB is trailing behind. That clone made a big comeback. wont be long and ill be moving her into her final home.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I thought of doing what you did with the panda film, I decided against it for airflow reasons. I'm interested to see how it works for you.
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