Lumens, Lux, and Adding It all Up

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    Lumen's adding together is actually a good thing for me seeing as I have 7000 lumen cfl's... I'm glad you convinced me :D, thanks again. Now I know if I have my other light on part time... It's better then nothing.

    With the space I have it's the best I can do. God save the queen; my ass.

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    wOw that means my daylight bulb that i wanna grow with is at about 20,000 lux :) LOL

    pr0fesseur Well-Known Member

    No it doesent! read the very first page on measuring LUX LUMENS and PAR

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    u made a good post. our eye is most sensitive to green/yellow light but plants absorb 660nm light (very red) at its peak and 2 waves of blue/violet, which appears dim to our eyes. i make this point because ppl will see a nice grow light and see how bright it is but not realize it may not have good red and blue spectrums.

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    you were making sense....then, you got all gangsta about light bulbs... :S
    are you allowed to use the stove yet?
    my 600w hps maxes out at 400C. with a cool tube and a desk fan on 1 i can touch the glass tube.
    get your head out of your ass and pull up your panties.
    Dont Fear The Reefer

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    the plant & aquarium is 3100K

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    I can't tell....
    Did you ever post your meter readings from the HPS?

    • "Obviously, the bulb - rated at 2700 lumens, is not putting out ten times that."​

    Many claim that lumens are at a 1 foot distance** and you were 7". Using 'Inverse-Square Law' If they are right a bulb rated at 2,700 lumens would read 12,000 lumens at 7 inches.

    Why don't you put your 'light meter' 1 foot away from every type light you've got, and post your readings? Put and end to all this guessing, please.

    links of reference

    1 foot
    1 foot
    30 inches

    mackey Well-Known Member

    I've been reading until my eyes hurt. This site as well as sites that sell grow lights. Cfls now but want a hps. Had decided on the air cooled hood with the glass but then I read the glass cuts down on lumins. I can afford the winged reflector better but would like some advice.
    Brother Numsi

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    I've tried reading a lot of posts here and elsewhere. Simple questions....1st grow will be 4 plants. I have been looking at the 250 watt CFL with reflectors. If I go with those using 2700K and 6500K how many would you think are needed for 4 plants in a 7X7 room? Would you go with less wattage. Really want to stick with CFL. I'm thinking 10-12, but I'm a newbie.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    hello i m new here and i want to ask if 2 x Tungsram HMLI Metal Halide 160W Mixed Lights and 1 x Cfl 45W 6400k r good enough for 2 plants?

    MyndMy Active Member

    This article is about 4 foot long tube lights
    Notice this article is already 7 years old we made leaps since then plus we even have led's now. Come on get with the time please

    mackey Well-Known Member

    I did last grow with a mixture of 2700K & 5000K, had a 300watt cfl, a 200, and 9, 100s. I think the lumins added up to around 20,000, can't find my notes. They did pretty good. Have a HPS/MH now and a lot better and wish I just had purchased to start with as I spent alot on all the cfl's and fixtures to burn them in and my HPS/MH 600watt is alot better and easier to use. Don't think the electric should be much more than when using cfls from what I've read. Had to keep moving those cfls and when the plants got bigger they sometimes burned leaves before I could move. Had to keep within a few inches of plant and that was a pain.

    If anyone knows what the 600watt using HPS runs in a month I would love to know. Best I could figure out in a couple of months, the cfls cost about $30 a month.

    Did have use for all those cfls. All over my house to save on electric. Except 300 & 200. Just keep them in case I ever need I guess.

    600watt HPS is the way to go. $250. cost

    mackey Well-Known Member

    Did 2 cfl grows and worked myself to death moving cfls to keep close to plants. Love the dimmable HPS/MH. If you don't need 600watts, you can dim twice to lower watts. I think its on sale now darn it. I would get the dimmable one for sure for small grows. I also like having the option of hps or mh.

    90,000 lumins verses my 20,000 or so with cfls.
    Young Contemporary Peter

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    I have a simple question. I've got a ballast, well, a MH/HPS light that says it's 100w. But I've got a bulb that fits and says 400w. Should I?
    Kite High

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    short answer...NO
    Young Contemporary Peter

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    Not sure if it's helpful, but I found this video on measuring lux with a DSLR camera.


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    ceestyle: thx for ur complete explainations

    bongwater830 Member

    What is your lumens per sq ft recommendation?

    sephiclo Member

    Thank you, this helped a lot.

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