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    Im thinking of doing lst to fill out a 1m squared space with 2 plants. I normally lst in the traditional round the pot way, but am curious if using the below pictures technique will work?

    The logic being i put two pots on one side and let the main stem grow purely horizontally to create a 'row' of colas. Thoughts anyone/better ideas?


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    Flowki Well-Known Member

    Maybe once the trailing sites begin to develop the original top will slow down too much and you won't get enough original cola length to continue unless really long veg time. Could be possible to let it get closer to the desired height vertically before bending it over but the stem will probably break or not bend enough to have even canopy. An option may be to grow out the vertical height in a smaller pot (but going for 1M plants it's not going to be that small right?) then transplant it on an angle in the final pot to reduce stem bend, stem may even be too stiff by then to bend much at all so shrug. Cuting a notch out of the top of the pot would let you drop the stem even further horizontally but then half the root ball is probably on show ;p. You'd also have to cut off a lot of what would then be undergrowth touching the floor or soil.

    You may get the length quicker with the last option but over all width I doubt unless you place pots at opposite sides to slot in the Christmas tree shapes together like a puzzle once horizontal, still a lot of gaps in the canopy perhaps. Won't the plant over hang the pot by a long way too?, how would you support the budding weight, a tripod of some sort?. The tripod if having some weight to it could double up as something to tie the ends down to since you have no pot to use on that section.

    Guessing using 4 pots or doing scrog is not an option for you as it's the obvious routes.

    On a wilder card you can try 2 cuttings per pot planted toward the opposite edges. Gradually start bending them away from each other. With double the root systems I suppose you should see a lot less veg time if it works. Both pots would be placed in the middle of the foot print this way though, suppose that's obvious ;p. Still seems risky bending main stems that much and you still need to support the over hanging stems in what ever way. Also where you 'may' be able to get the main tops to grow the width of the footprint it would seem a intolerable amount of work to get the length filled in with ought a net, lots and lots and lots of tying.
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    lime73 Weed Modifier

    Yes it will work.:mrgreen:
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    18B Well-Known Member

    No absolutely...PunkD used to train plants like this...PIC BELOW...they are old pics from maybe 5 yrs ago...but it's a solid method if you train and veg right...pic is of PunkD grow of Zamdelica...1 single plant.
    I on the other hand have taken plants I vegged in a 5 gallon bucket until it was over 6' tall....I then dug hole in ground for the rootbase and a trench a few inches deep 6' long...scraped the stem a bit...made some u shaped wire like coat hanger and put the rootbase in the hole...laid the plant down in the trench...held it down with u stakes and covered it with dirt.. lolipopped the branches and used sticks to stake and tie them up....just as a measure of worked well it was like a patch of a bunch of plants...the stem grew roots where I scraped it and buried it all along the stem..

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    mikegkush Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys im gonna take the plunge! Will build a frame to support and tie down to and see how it goes!
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    Poontanger Well-Known Member

    Any form of LST , is good , 1 main cola sucks , IMO, but dont B scared of it, it works well

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