LSD; Red Diesel; Silver Kush grow...comments and advice welcome

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    Ok guys,
    After fucking up the ‘paper towel’ method, I decided to spring for the rapid rooter tray. I still have one Silver L.A. bean that took 8 days to crack in the paper towel...still no taproot though. I just dropped it into a party cup w/ about 70/30 coco/perlite, watered until runoff drained from bottom and im hoping for the best. Its been 2 days and it still hasn’t broke soil.
    How long should i wait before i trash it?
    (sorry no pics b4 i planted)
    In the rooter tray theres 1 Silver Kush, 3 Red Diesel and 3 LSD. About 1/4in water in the tray and the t5 is about 2-3in away. I didn’t soak seeds or rapid rooter plugs first as ive read some people do. I placed the seeds ‘pointy side’ up in the hole and tried to cover it as much as I could w/o packing it too much w/ a small corner of the plug. I watered a little w/ tap water...not saturated, just enough to change the color to a darker brown, and popped the dome on it.

    Im looking for any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or advice. If there’s anything i did wrong or anything u see, please let me know. Also, how often and how much should i water? Whats the usual time frame to see a seedling break ground?

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